Map Decor: How Customized Maps Can Make Your Home Design Easy

It’s a problem that every new home-buyer faces shortly after moving into their dream home: How do you fill up all those spaces on the walls? Even for the most artistically inclined individual, decorating your home can be a daunting proposition. After putting up a number of treasured paintings, photographs, and mementos, you still discover that you have a lot of work to do to keep the walls of your living room, kitchen, library, and bedrooms from looking barren and lonesome.

Design Ideas For Office Space

Moving into a new office at work can present you with a similar dilemma: how do you make visitors to your workspace feel welcome and interested? It’s nice to have that framed degree on the wall from your university, and of course, everybody enjoys looking at the pictures of your children, but there’s still plenty of room in your office for some brightness and curiosity. Something that reflects your personality while engaging the interest of the people who enter your work environment.

Large-Print Map Decor

In terms of variety, color, and style, a map decor offers an incredible array of options for the do-it-yourself home stylist. From large, poster-sized print maps of the world to intimate, antique maps of ancient civilizations to bold maps of the solar system, maps can add a strong artistic sense to any room or office while engaging the viewer’s imagination.

Maps can be an inexpensive and useful way to build an impressive “accent wall” for a study, for use as backsplashes in kitchens, or as decorative additions to children’s dressers or glass doors.

Stylish Map Decor For Your Office or Home

Map Decor

One of the biggest fears for home decorators is that their specific vision for a room will become dated in just a few years. There’s nothing quite as depressing as being in an artfully-crafted study or library that feels like it has lost the vibrancy of its initial days. It’s inevitable that styles and tastes will change over the years, of course, and that a serious home decorator will need to evolve their vision.

The great thing about using map decor, though, is quite simple: maps don’t go out of style. Ever since the first world map was created in Greece in the 6th century, maps have maintained the same relative shape and form. It is surprising that when you look at an image of an ancient map, it doesn’t look too dissimilar from their modern equivalents. Cartographers have always seemed to have an innate sense of how to create order out of chaos with their renderings and this understanding has not wavered for centuries. People have always enjoyed settling their attention on the grid of a map, which makes decorating with maps a durable and sustaining home stylistic choice.

Interior Design And Maps: A Perfect Decorative Choice

One of the tricky things about decorating an office is knowing how much of a statement you’d like to make with your design. Putting up bold, striking artwork on the walls can often have the effect of alienating or distancing the people visiting your space. You’d like to have decorations that appeal to the general public, but you’d also like to be sure you’re not offending anyone with your sensibilities.

Using a map decor is a great way to solve this problem, for maps are one of the few resolutely neutral items you can put on your wall. Maps offer information and data points in a familiar and aesthetic setting without adding any disagreeable or controversial elements. In a work environment, it’s preferable to present an inviting, friendly space for collaboration and teamwork, and the neutrality of a printed map help maintain the proper tone in the room.

Large-sized Print Maps of the Ocean? Yes, Please!

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to start incorporating maps into your home décor. Great! Now all you need to ask yourself before you start is this: What kind of color scheme do you want to use when you choose a map decor to match your vision?

Most people are familiar with standard wall maps that are universally used in education and the elemental, bright colors that are usually applied: blue for the oceans, orange/brown/red for the countries, white for the arctic regions, darker greys for the mountainous areas, etc. These traditional world maps are great for a room that already has a vibrancy of colors, like a child’s bedroom or a designated play/games room.

Antique maps are usually more muted, using earth tones with a lot of faded browns and beiges. The cumulative effect of being in the presence of the quieter colors of antique maps gives a soothing element to a room, and decorators will often use antique maps in the lesser-traveled areas of the house, in studies and libraries and hallways.

Large-sized print maps of the world’s oceans and posters that feature deep space backgrounds are popularly used as artwork in bedrooms and living areas. The deep blues and purples applied to the maps of Oceans and the Night Sky lend a spectral quality to rooms that are used for relaxation and rest.

Antarctica Map
An Antarctica Satellite Map by National Geographic

For the most visible and populated areas of your house, you’ll want to make a dramatic statement that will catch the eye of the visitors to your home. Large-sized maps of countries, or world atlases, or continental maps set in glass frames with a black-edge finish add a striking element to the design of your room. And don’t be afraid to use black and white maps in these areas, either—a highly-detailed black and white grid map of a metropolitan area can leave a remarkably sophisticated impression on the viewer.

Maps And Your Home

One of the interesting things about maps is that while they have a universal appeal as an attractive object for people to view, they can also have specific, personal relevance to an individual. Having a large-sized print map of the country where your family comes from, for instance, can be a deeply personal and emotional marker that shows the importance of your historical connection to land and time.

Large Print Maps

A popular way to use decorative maps that make a singular statement specific to your world is by customizing a map to show the precise location of the neighborhoods and streets that surround your home. By zeroing in on the area of a zip code map that shows your home and cropping the picture, you can show, in great detail, the house where you currently reside. You can enlarge this to a specific size that you prefer to display prominently in your home.

How Can Help Tell Your Story, the online retail map store, has the capacity to make customizable maps for homeowners who’d like an enduring snapshot of the area where their home is located. With its extensive supply of zip code maps of the United States and the licensing agreements with map publishers, has the capacity to print-on-demand specialized maps for its customers. By simply using the feature on the website, homeowners can instantly create a large-sized map that shows the specific contours of the region. And offers a variety of sizes to choose from, from standard-size to the larger poster versions, and clients can choose the finish (laminate, matte plastic, paper) that they’d prefer for their particular design.

Surprising Uses of Maps in the Home

Since print maps are a relatively inexpensive way to decorate your home, it’s not a bad idea to stock up on some of your favorite prints and use them in creative and unusual ways. Maps are a highly pliable item that can have a variety of uses when considering design projects in the home. An “accent wall” made up entirely of similarly-designed maps can be a fascinating (and economical) way to dress up an otherwise bland setting. And wallpapering a room with maps can be a startling way to inject an adventurous and pleasing spirit to the general environment.

For children’s rooms, using a map decor element for dressers, mirrors, and doors can be a fun do-it-yourself project for you and your kids while subtly reinforcing the importance of geography and history to their education.

Kids Map
Fun Animal Map of the World for Kids Bedroom

And maps can become great gifts to friends when personalized with fond remembrances of shared experiences. A map of the country where you traveled together, for instance, can be embossed or printed with your name over the map and the date of the occasion to be celebrated. All it takes is a little glue, a little ingenuity, and a printed map shows the exact location of where the memories started.

For All Your Decorating Ideas, Use

In addition to customizable maps, also has an incredible selection of maps perfect for home decoration: world atlases, maps of countries, local maps, space maps, ocean maps, special interest maps. When you’re ready to begin that decorating project, at last, let find the materials you need to create a truly unique vision for your home.

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