Custom Map Gifts for the Holidays: A Handy Guide for the Season

If you’re looking for the perfect gifts this holiday season, you might want to consider the artistry, beauty, and wonder that handsomely-designed custom map gifts provide. For centuries, cartographers have understood the fascination that people have with maps and how captivating it can be to have an artful representation of the world at your fingertips.

Maps not only provide valuable information and an important sense of orientation, but they also have a strong aesthetic quality that appeals to our artistic sense. Maps can inspire us and fire our imagination—a map of an unexplored land can evoke an almost immediate sense of adventure and curiosity. And a map of a familiar location or hometown can become a treasured heirloom of particular resonance and personal history.

At we have an incredible variety of custom maps gifts for that special someone on your list—from spectacular, large-scale maps of the solar system and the planets to intimate, personal print maps of neighborhoods and hometown streets. We have fascinating historical maps that give snapshots into a bygone era, and we also have state-of-the-art modern maps that show the latest development and information. And at, we have the ability to customize maps as well, to make that perfect, personalized present that can become an essential part of a home’s décor.

Large custom-made maps: Perfect gift for stargazers

For the stargazer on your list, has a wide collection of amazing star maps and posters from National Geographic. These maps give dramatic and startling visions of our ever-expanding universe, including posters and maps of the Sun, the Moon, our Solar System, the Milky Way, and other planets.

We have commemorative posters of past U.S. space missions, which shows the history of our country’s deep commitment to exploration, and a terrific “star watchers” guide to help amateur astronomers examine the Night Sky in all its’ glory.

This popular “Earth at Night” poster is available as well, which gives a dramatic and beautiful vision of our planet from a unique perspective. The colors of our space maps and posters are extraordinarily vibrant, with deep blues and purples that give a spectral beauty to any room.

Maps for students and educators

Educators have long understood that maps are an essential tool to help students learn about the world in which they live. From specific local, city, and state maps to larger atlases and continental maps, a student can learn valuable lessons about geography, cultures, politics, time zones, and natural resources simply by studying the land and water formations of the planet.

For the student on your gift list, has a vast collection of maps of the modern world, featuring the latest, most up-to-date information and data. Choose from our inventory of world maps, state maps, region maps, our “atlas of the world,” continental maps, and large, sprawling maps of the world’s oceans. Specifically-detailed maps that show longitude and latitude, time zones, and satellite imaging further enhance the student’s understanding and knowledge of the complexity of the geography of the world. And you can choose from a variety of styles, including antique, modern, and contemporary to create the perfect design for your world map.

Antique maps for history buffs

To better understand the world we line in, sometimes it’s necessary to take a look at the past. Historical maps offer a great way to discover how the world continues to evolve across the realm of various epochs and locations. offers an incredible selection of antique maps that show the way the world “used to be” in exquisitely rendered detail. Want to see how the United States looked over the past century? We have that. Interested in seeing the growth of specific, relevant areas of the country and world? Or maybe how London looked in 1745? We have that, too. For history buffs, has a fascinating collection of high-quality prints that illuminate the importance of landmark events and world-changing moments that have shaped the landscape of history, including our popular “Battles and Wars” series, which shows some of the most important wartime skirmishes, including D-Day and major battles of the American Civil War. And again, we offer the maps in a variety of styles and orientations that match specific, discriminating tastes.

Nautical maps, trail maps, and more!

For those who like to lace up their hiking boots and hit the trails, there’s nothing better than receiving the custom map gifts of informative and detailed trail maps that feature the pathways of the United States’ national parks. At, we have maps of all the nation’s treasured parks with extensive trail maps specially designed with the explorer in mind. When it’s time to get away, our trail maps are the perfect guide to use to understand the beauty and majesty of some of this country’s most famous sites. If you know someone on your gift list who has a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, our national park maps are a terrific way to bring the explorer closer to understand the vast spaces of our county. also has an extensive supply of nautical maps that provide the most up-to-date NOAA information for mariners around the world, including topographical features and navigational aids. For anyone who wants to get on the boat and explore the great waterways of the world, has the guides that can help you navigate your path.

Customized maps for new homeowners

If you’re looking for that perfect “housewarming” gift for the new home buyer on your list, you might want to consider a customized map that shows the streets and neighborhoods of the newly-purchased home. has the ability to allow you to crop and center a singular map that shows the exact location of the area where that specific house has been built. By simply utilizing the feature on our website, any prospective gift-buyer can create a one-of-a-kind map that will have particular resonance for the family that’s moving into their new house. And with a variety of sizes, styles, and orientations, unique and thoughtful custom map gifts can be created in a matter of minutes.

Planning your vacation overseas? Don’t leave home without us!

If you know someone who’s planning that one-of-a-kind vacation to a previously unexplored location, take a look at our incredible selection of city and country maps from around the world. has a number of highly-detailed and up-to-date travel maps from most of the major cities in the world, allowing our customers to learn how to navigate the new lands like a native. All of our maps are printed with the latest information and are updated continuously. For the adventurer on your holiday gift list, a map of a vacation area can be a unique way to show that you understand the explorer that exists in us all.

Special interest maps of the world

For that particularly hard-to-buy-for person on your list, has a fascinating series of “Special Interest Maps” that appeal to those of us who have a heightened interest in some of the more curious aspects of the world and its history. From shipwrecks to ancient civilizations to the study of religious lands and socio-economic matters, has an incredible variety of specific maps that highlight a topic that may have particular resonance for someone on your gift list.

Do you know someone who is a coffee or tea lover? has a map of coffee and tea production and consumption across the world. We also have maps that show animals and birds around the world, languages, historical explorations, and even natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanos. For anyone with a specific focus of interest on a topic, our “Special Interest” maps may have the exact information that they’re most curious about.

Most unique custom map gifts

Custom Map Gift

For anyone who struggles to come up with the “perfect gift” for that special someone this holiday season, it’s worth remembering that you don’t have to limit yourself by simply buying a tie or a pair of shoes or the latest technological gadget. You can find something that’s a little more interesting.

Maps have always held a fascination for people throughout the centuries, for people have an innate desire to understand the world in its many manifestations. Beautifully rendered custom map gifts can evoke a number of surprising and complex emotions, including curiosity, adventure, reassurance, security. And the maps themselves can be aesthetically striking and impressive works of art.

It’s just a fact of life: people love to look at maps.

At, we have an incredible selection of maps that can fit any style or sensibility. From maps of the stars to large-sized atlases and historical guides, our maps can become a treasured gift for anyone on your shopping list. With a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and with the capacity to help you create a singular map that can have lasting resonance, is the perfect place to go to pick out that special holiday gift.

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