How to Use US Zip Code Maps in Your Business

If you really want to impress your friends with your vast knowledge of bizarre trivia, try this one on for size: the acronym “ZIP”—as it’s used in “ZIP code,” the ubiquitous mailing number you see on envelopes in the United States—actually stands for “Zone Improvement Plan.” Back in 1963, when the Post Office first instituted the 5-digit number to help improve mail delivery, they needed a word that would suggest speed and efficiency, and while the phrase “Zone Improvement Plan” is rather unwieldy, the abbreviated “zip!” certainly implies quickness and precision.

The use of ZIP codes in the United States for postal delivery has become such a universally accepted practice in the past 50 years that it’s difficult to imagine a time when the numbers didn’t exist. But today, ZIP codes are not only mandatory for most mailings they also provide crucial information for business owners who need to have a working knowledge of specific U.S. locales for logistics, delivery services, territorial assignments, and long-range sales strategies. It’s why many 21st century businesses have invested in purchasing large-scale print maps that show detailed and highlighted ZIP codes that have particular relevance to the businesses’ day-to-day activities.

And if you’re the only one in your circle of friends who now knows that “ZIP” actually stands for “Zone Improvement Plan”—well, you’re welcome.

How Else to Use a U.S. Zip Code Map

1. Shipping and Delivery Services

Delivery Services

For companies that specialize in shipping and delivery services, having large-sized print maps with specific ZIP code information is essential for maintaining high levels of delivery performance and customer satisfaction.

Shipping in the United States is currently seeing historically high numbers, which many experts attribute to the influence of Amazon Prime, the delivery service which began in 2005 and has revolutionized the industry. Customers in the United States have learned to expect efficient, immediate delivery of a vast array of purchased items, with competitive shipping costs and guarantees.

Logistics companies have learned to rely on print maps that have highly-detailed, relevant ZIP code information that allows the companies to make precise and accurate predictions for home delivery guarantees.

2. The Long Haul

And this demand for high-quality shipping and delivery is a trend that is not going to fade in the immediate future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of truck drivers is expected to rise 11% between 2012-2022. In 1978, “truck driver” was the most common occupation in 9 states in the U.S. Today, there are 29 states that claim “truck driver” as the most common job.

It is clear that in the US, the transfer of goods in high-volume, heavily-trafficked areas will continue to be an important and necessary economic force. And the companies that are most knowledgeable in understanding the intricacies of the local ZIP codes and landscapes are going to be the most successful at meeting and reaching high thresholds of profitability. For dispatchers, drivers, and sales managers having an instantly visible print map of delivery sites is mandatory for providing the most efficient and precise delivery information.

3. Lunch is Waiting

The “delivery boom” in the American economy is readily apparent in the restaurant and hospitality industry as well. A recent study found that nearly 20% of respondents in the United States use food delivery services at least once a week and that a strong percentage of lunch-time customers (usually in offices) order food delivery as well. And it’s not just Grub Hub, Domino’s, and Uber Eats that are providing the popular delivery services—even small, independent local restaurants have discovered the popularity of offering some form of food delivery for their customers.

The rise in food delivery sales has also prompted the surprising appearance of “virtual restaurants”—food establishments that create food for delivery only, operating large commercial kitchens that offer a variety of cuisines without having a traditional, physical restaurant in place.

To succeed in this competitive marketplace requires comprehensive and highly-coordinated knowledge of specific ZIP code and boundary areas. A large-scale, physical map that shows great detail of streets and routes has become an essential part of every bustling kitchen to ensure delivery precision and customer satisfaction.

As most managers know, the most common complaint from food delivery customers is having to wait too long for food, and excessive delays have become the single greatest foil to restaurants with regards to establishing customer loyalty. For all restaurant delivery services, from national chains to local cafes to virtual restaurants, having a detailed ZIP code map available to all shift team members is necessary for the day-to-day success of the restaurant.

4. Know Your Territory

For real estate agents, it’s not enough to know the complexities of the properties you’re trying to sell—you need to know the area as well. When home-buyers are looking to buy a home (especially for the first time), they’re going to ask a myriad of questions about the neighborhood, the major thoroughfares, the schools, the local businesses, and restaurants. Real estate agents understand that they have to acquire an expert’s knowledge about the area so that they can answer every client’s question with authority and information.

Having print maps of area ZIP codes is the necessary first step for helping real estate agents understand the complexities of the areas where they’re trying to move properties. Large-sized print maps display much of the information that agents need to understand when explaining the particularities of the region—major routes, business areas, parks and schools, hospitals, entertainment centers. They can also help clients understand the long-range potential for the area’s property value and desirability.

U.S. Zip Code Map
Customizable map of US city that can be centered around your neighborhood

It’s not a bad idea for agents to have ZIP code maps on hand for their clients to study as well, for no matter how well a potential home buyer may have researched the area, it’s always helpful to have physical representation at their fingertips. And laminated, large-sized print maps can be a great addition to a home’s décor as well. Consider it a house-warming present to help entice the sale.

5. Your Sales Force

Sales managers have learned that one of the best ways to educate their team is by having the sales force learn the specific areas that have top priority for company goals. Learning the sales territory by studying ZIP code maps is the most efficient method for managers to focus attention on areas that are necessary for long-term profitability. ZIP code print maps give sales agents the essential data they need to annex the accounts that are a part of the company’s long-range goals.

And prominently displayed print maps with the ZIP code information can also be an effective motivational tool as well. At a glance, sales managers can identify areas that are performing well, and they can also determine which regions are in need of further attention.

We Have These Maps

At, we are uniquely positioned to provide the high-quality ZIP code print maps that are necessary for companies that need detailed information on specific regions. has an extensive inventory of pre-built US ZIP code maps of counties and cities in the United States that are available to all businesses. We also have the capacity to offer customizable US ZIP code maps that a user can create by centering the area needed and cropping it onto a personalized print map. Our ability to print on demand ensures that we can respond to our customers’ needs quickly.

The maps at are based on TomTom map data, which is updated every six months with the latest information. And our maps are available in a variety of sizes, orientations, and map materials to suit our customers’ specific needs. There are 6 different sizes to choose from, from a standard 17 x 22 print to the larger, poster-sized 48 x 60 print. Our clients can also choose from different finishes for their map as well, including laminate, paper, and matte plastic, and they can also choose which orientation (landscape or portrait) that they would prefer for the finished product. Additionally, has a large inventory of U.S. city and boundary maps as well, which can be very useful for logistics, delivery, and real estate companies as well.

And if your company’s requirements are for specific US ZIP code maps—the “Zone Improvement Plan” code maps— has the specific maps that your team needs.

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US City Zip Code Maps

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