World Time Zones Hexagons centred on 15�� East

World map, with land area made up of hexagons, with coloured time zones, on the Lambert Azimuthal projection, centred on 15° East longitude

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About the Map - World Time Zones Hexagons centred on 15° East

This World time zones map represents a colorful picture of the world. It shows the land area made up of hexagons and countries labelled in readable fonts. The map is composed at a scale of 1:45,000,000 and has coloured time zones - centred on the 15° East line of longitude right at the bottom. The map is a Lambert Azimuthal projection, centred on 15° East longitude.

How do the World Time Zones work?

The region or regions that fall in a specified location have the same time. In general, there are 24 standard time zones in the world, each with a gap of one hour. Each is 15 degrees of longitude in length, centred on standard meridians 15 degrees apart and referenced to the Greenwich Meridian. Some of the North American ones are Pacific Time, Eastern Time, Mountain Time and Central Time.

What is the Lambert Azimuthal projection?

The Lambert Azimuthal equal - area projection is a particular mapping prognosis from a sphere to a disc - which is a region bounded by a circle. The projection accurately represents area in all regions of the sphere but does not really help in representing angles accurately.

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About Publisher:Oxford Cartographers

Oxford Cartographers is a leading name in cartography and branded mapping. The organisation provides quality custom maps for a wide range of clients. The company's wide ranging services cover everything from design to the finished map, either online, as a file or printed. Maps range from town centre maps, promotional maps, location maps, diary maps, bible maps, interactive maps, connect-point and the Peters world map.

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SKU oxfordcartographers-WOR-WTZ-HEX-15E-1
POD Size 23.5 x 33.25 in
Publisher Name Oxford Cartographers
Publication Date 2016
Map Scale 1:45,000,000
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