New Guinea and Bismarck Archipelago - Atlas of the World, 10th Edition

This finely detailed political map of New Guinea & Bismarck Archipelago shows boundaries of the islands with place names and surrounding areas. It uses shaded relief to depict the land terrains and vegetation. This high-quality map is ideal for referential purposes in your home and offices.
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Map of New Guinea & Bismarck Archipelago

This National Geographic’s map of New Guinea & Bismarck Archipelago highlights the fine political details about the two islands and their surrounding areas. Relief shading used throughout the map depicts the terrains and land height.

Coverage of this map includes New Guinea, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Bismarck Archipelago, and a part of Australia. You can mount this map on the walls of your homes and offices for referential and business purposes.

This high-quality map is available in a selection of finishing materials like paper, matte plastic, and laminated.

Where is New Guinea?

New Guinea is a large island that is separated from the rest of the Australian continent by a shallow sea. With a total land area of 785,753 km2 (303,381 sq mi), it is the world's second-largest island and the largest island wholly or partly within the Southern Hemisphere and Oceania.

Its eastern half consists of a major landmass of the independent state of Papua New Guinea. The western half is known as Western New Guinea or West Papua and is administered by Indonesia.

Where is Bismarck Archipelago?

The Bismarck Archipelago, a part of Papua New Guinea, is a group of islands off the northeastern coast of New Guinea in the western Pacific Ocean. It includes mostly volcanic islands and the archipelago encompasses the Bismarck Sea.

Very first inhabitants of this archipelago arrived around 30–40,000 years ago after traveling from New Guinea. Some of the later arrivals included the Lapita people.

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