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This large scale thematic Alabama map enables an easy orientation of urban space of the state. Densely settled towns like Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa are drawn out separately on insets. Information provided by these city maps include street network, points of interests and other landmarks.

The expanse of the title frame is elaborated with terrain placements, primary and secondary cities and interlinking networks of highways. Political demarcations with bordering States are distinctly marked with contrasting tones.

With attractive imagery and comprehensive detailing the map can dresses up any space with information and elegance.

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Details on the Map

Featuring the urban and political geography of the state, this map frame portrays an elaborate know-how of the State of Alabama. Political boundary with other states is depicted with high contrast color and can be pictured at a glance. The state capital Montgomery and other primary and secondary towns are captioned in their actual location. A box highlighter indicates inset map coverage of five major settlements.

The interlinking network of National highways, state highways, other roads, thoroughfare, frees and tollways are presented with specific number and thread markings. Airports, points of interest and county demarcations can also be placed on the map with ease. The physical features like the mountains, plains, canyons, national parks, state parks and protected areas are marked with accuracy.

The Gulf of Mexico can be placed prominently in the southern tip. The map is also furnished with a tabular index of towns and cities, a county index and driving distance chart marked in miles, which helps locate all primary and secondary towns on the map.

The topography of the State consists mainly of large plains but northern Alabama is mostly mountainous. The Tennessee River can be seen creating numerous creeks, streams, rivers, and lakes. The Gulf of Mexico can be placed at the southern tip and the Appalachian ranges can be placed in the northeastern part of the state. The highest summit of Alabama is Mount Cheaha.

National Parks, State parks, recreational areas, preserves and wildlife preserves of Alabama are captioned and sketched out prominently on the map, indicating placement.

The map is also furnished with a tabular index of towns/ cities and county. A driving distance markers help estimate distances between destinations. A miniature map of the United States pinpointing the placement of Colorado and digitized flag of the State are other interesting details of the Alabama Map.

  • Location on the map

    Alabama is known as the “Heart of Dixie”. Dixie is the nickname used for southern United States. As the name suggests, the state is located in the southeastern region of the US. The states of Tennessee and Florida can be seen bounding the state from north and south respectively. Georgia can be placed on the east and Mississippi in the western border. Oklahoma and New Mexico borders the state from the south. The Gulf of Mexico can also be placed in the extreme southern edge.
  • Key Table

    The key table elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks , military area, highways, important roads, airports, county boundaries, time zone demarcations and other details of the title frame.
  • Map Size and Map Prints

    This detailed physical map of California can be ordered in 35.25x 42. 25 inch dimension. The multiple finishes available are paper in high quality stock, Laminates in glossy finish, Matte Plastic in Non-Glossy finish, Matte Plastic mounted on PVC banner hanger and Canvas.
  • Region Location on Alabama map

    According to the USCB the State of Alabama is located in the South Region in East South Central Division 6. The other States under this region are Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee.
  • Counties in Alabama

    The US State of Alabama is divided into 67 counties. Jefferson County is the most populous and Greene County is the least. The largest county by area is Baldwin.
  • Time Zone in Alabama

    Alabama follows the Central Time Zone and observes the Central Standard Time (CST) which is 6 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.
  • Zip Code of Alabama

    The Range of Zip codes in Alabama is from 35004- 36925. The Zip code range few cities are: Montgomery 36101-36191: Mobile 36602-36612,36615-36695, Birmingham:35201-35299.
  • Major cities in Alabama

    The motto of the “ Yellowhammer” is “Audemus jura nostra defendere”, which in Latin means “we dare defend our rights' '. State capital Montgomery is highlighted in a box frame and elaborated in an inset. The most populous city is Birmingham while the oldest settlement of the state is Mobile founded by French colonists. Other secondary and primary towns are also marked on the frame for quick reference.

    Demarcations of counties and time zones are marked with clarity. Military areas, airports, recreational areas, state and interstate highways, major roads are the other urban placements that can be located on the map. Alabama has the most number of navigable waterways which are indicated with clarity on the map. A Driving distance chart, marked in miles helps estimate driving time between places. A detailed index of city/towns and counties makes this map comprehensive for general reference.

    • Montgomery City Inset

      Named after Richard Montgomery the state capital is also the county seat of Montgomery County. It is located on the banks of the river Alabama on the coastal plains of the Gulf of Mexico. Specifics like parks, recreation areas, universities, important buildings, museums and other points of interest can be found without an effort on the inset.

      Airport locations are visible with clarity. National highways and State Highways are numbered and marked distinctly. Interstate-65, runs north to south through the city connecting the towns of Birmingham and Huntsville. Other primary roads, secondary roads, state roads , freeways, tollways, railroads and waterways from a part of the elaborate transportation network.

    • Birmingham City Inset

      The “Magic City” of Birmingham is located in the north central region of Alabama. It is the seat of Jefferson County and the most populous city of the state. The tail end of the Appalachian Mountains can be seen trailing from the northeastern part of the city to the south west. Some landmarks on the inset include museums, universities, parks, botanical gardens and recreational areas.

      Other features like trails, river walks, military installations and important buildings form a part of this layout. The city is served with interstate highways which are numbered and can be identified in a glance. State highways, other roads, tollways, intersections, scenic drives, freeways form a part of the elaborate road network. US routes and State routes are color codes and numbered for quick understanding.. The Frame also includes airport location, tour locations and other points of interest.

    • Mobile City Inset

      Nicknamed the “port city”, it is the oldest settlement of Alabama. Mobile is the only salt water Port of Alabama and is also the seat of Mobile County. It is located on the banks of the Mobile river, Important historic sites, museums, art centers, civic center, churches, universities are some of the important markings on the inset. Natural spaces like parks, bays, botanical gardens, river delta areas and the Gulf of Mexico are easily recognizable. Numbered highways, state roads. Airport, tour locations and points of interest are other details that are included in the locator.

    • Huntsville City Inset

      Known as the “Star of Alabama” it is located in the northern part of the state in the Appalachian region. It falls under Madison County and is the second most populous metropolitan area in the state. Tennessee River, Monte Sano Mountain, green mountain can be placed in the eastern part of the city. Airports, interstate highways, national highways and state routes are visible clearly on the locator. Other markings on this inset include regional parks, trails, recreational areas, landmarks and other tour locations.

    • Tuscaloosa City Inset

      Tuscaloosa is located in west central Alabama in the Tuscaloosa County. It is the fifth largest city of the state and is known as the “Druid City” because of the large number of water oaks in the area. Lake Tuscaloosa and Black Warrior River can be placed within the city inset. US route 82 run west to east through the southern part of the city. Airports, interstate highways, national highways and state routes are visible clearly on the locator. Other landmarks include museums, parks, recreational areas, important buildings universities, tour locations and points of interest.

  • Physical Features

    The Alabama physical geography consists mainly of east gulf coastal plains. The Black belt Prairies cut through these coastal plains in the northern and southern region. The Piedmont is located in the eastern central section of Alabama. Cheaha Mountain, the highest point in the state, is located in this region and can be placed easily on the map.

    The Appalachian Ridge and Valley region can be found in the northwestern part of the Piedmont and the Cumberland Plateau lies to the northwest of the Appalachian Ridge . The Highland rim can be located in the northwestern corner of Alabama and cover most of the Tennessee River valley.

  • National Parks

    There are nine national parks in Alabama which include historical sites, monuments, military parks, national preserves etc. The Little River canyon natural preserve, Russell Cave Monument, Horseshoe Bend, the Birmingham Civil Rights national Monument etc. are captioned and indicated on the map with clarity.
  • Index

    The map is furnished with a tabular index of towns and cities, a County index and a driving distance marker which help locate all primary and secondary towns on the map.
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