Alaska Map with Cities

The map comes with a city town index and distance markers along with the placement of major cities and towns. It also includes three useful city map insets of Juneau, Anchorage, and Fairbanks. The Aleutian group of islands is separately depicted in another locator.

Mountain Ranges, oceans, seas, rivers, gulfs and glaciers can be located with ease. The placement of all six national parks and preserves is also added to the framework. A detailed layout of Denali National Park is boxed in a separate inset. Primary and secondary highways are specifically numbered and can be identified in a glance.

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Alaska Map with Cities & Towns - Details

The Alaska Map with Cities draws out the detailed network of primary and secondary highways operative in the state. All major cities, towns and military installations throughout the state extent are marked prominently. The map is furnished with three city insets of Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. An additional inset of The Aleutian islands is also placed for quick reference. The map features an integrated network of state roads, secondary roads, thoroughfares, freeway interchanges, major waterways, and major airports. The diverse topography of Alaska with Mountains, Lakes, National parks and preserves can be located effortlessly on the frame. An inset of Denali National Park brings out its contrasting landscape with forests, tundra, and glaciers. This is a perfect map for general reference and wall decor.
  • Alaska’s Locations on the map

    Alaska is located in the northwest extremity of the USA, just across the Bering Strait. The coastline of Alaska touches
    • the Arctic Ocean and the Beaufort Sea in the north,
    • the Pacific Ocean in the south,
    • Bering and Chukchi sea in the west.
    • The Canadian province of Yukon and British Columbia borders the state in the east.
    Alaska also shares a maritime border with Russia to the west.
  • Urban Placements

    All primary and secondary cities are marked with readable fonts in their true location. Juneau, the capital city of Alaska and all military installations can be placed easily.
    Cities with populations over 10,000 include: Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau are depicted in separate insets. Urban placement is elaborated in a detailed index of Cities and Towns. Distance markers help locate towns and cities on the map.
  • Physical Features

    The map shows the ranges of Brooks and the Alaskan mountains feature along with Mt Mckinley in the southeastern part. The Arctic coastal plains, The Kenai Peninsula and the Alaska Peninsula can be also sighted. The Bagley Ice Field, the Yukon Delta, Kobuk River, and the Aleutian island chain are other terrain markings on the map.
  • National Parks

    Alaska’s parks, forests, and refuges are rich and varied. Alaska has 6 National Parks and is second only to California with 9 National Parks. Some Major National Parks shown on the map are
    • the Wrangell National Park,
    • Gates of Arctic and Arctic wildlife Refuge,
    • the Yukon Flats and
    • Koyukuk National Wildlife Reserves.
  • A detailed inset of Denali National Park brings out its diverse terrain with forests, glaciers and wilderness areas.
  • Route Maps

    The map features an integrated network of interstate highways and major roads. Each of these highways is specifically numbered. Major waterways, airports, state roads, secondary roads, thoroughfares, freeway interchanges are displayed with clarity.

More details on this detailed map of Alaska

  • Inset

    The map has been supplemented with five insets for reference. They are:
    • Aleutian Islands

      This inset shows the group of the Aleutian Islands extending from the Alaska Peninsula. It also shows the International Date Line that runs between Alaska and Russia.
    • Anchorage City Map

      Anchorage is placed in south-central Alaska and is the urban core of the state. New Seward Highway, major routes, smaller roads, and trails are clearly visible in the inset.
    • Juneau City Map

      Juneau is located in southeast Alaska and is accessible only by boat or plane. The Egan drive or the marine way, Juneau Douglas Bridge and other important attractions on the map.
    • Fairbanks City Map

      Fairbanks is the second most populous area of Alaska. The inset shows the two major highways along with important routes and smaller roads. Collage, Creamer’s Field Migratory bird refuge, Birch Hill recreational area, and Chena River are other areas marked in the inset.
    • Denali National Park

      Denali National park inset brings out its contrasting landscape with deciduous taiga, tundra, and glaciers. Parks Highway, Denali wilderness, Denali national reserve, Denali state park, and Alaska ranges can be clearly located on the inset
  • Legend

    The legend shows major airports, national parks, military installations and highways, important roads and other details.

Other Useful Information on Alaska

  • Region Location

    The State of Alaska falls under the west Region in Division 9. The other countries under the Pacific divisions are California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.
  • Boroughs

    Alaska is divided into 19 organized Boroughs and one Unorganized Borough. These boroughs work similarly to counties in other states.
  • Time Zone

    Alaska follows the Alaska Standard Time (AKST) and Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT). However, The Aleutian Islands follow Hawaii-Aleutian Time.
  • ZIP Code

    The Range of Zip codes in Alaska state is from 99501-99950. Zip code range of major cities include:
    • Anchorage 99501-11, 99513-24,
    • Wasilla - 99654
    • Fairbanks 99706-12
    • Juneau 99801-3, 11 and 12
You can also view zip code maps of California, Oregon and other States of the Pacific region.

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