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Perfect for home, offices and schools, the Alaska State Map is modeled in lively pastel colors, depicting the political and physical geography of the State. Designed by National Geographic Maps, it is taken from the 10th edition of the Atlas of The World. It features international boundaries, the state capital along with more than a hundred cities and towns.

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The Alaska State map depicts its vastness with markings of physical and political geography of the state. Alaska is bordered by Canada in the East, Gulf of Alaska in the south, the Bering Sea in the west and the Beaufort Sea in the north. The entire expanse of the state is elaborated with placement of major cities and towns.

Significant terrain features include mountain ranges, peaks, national parks, wilderness areas, glaciers and grassland. Important oil fields, state roads and coastline can also be located with ease. All major water bodies like oceans, seas, gulfs and lakes are labeled for quick reference.

The International dateline is clearly seen separating the state of Alaska from Russia. This detailed Alaska state map, makes an attractive poster display and provides a clear understanding of the layout of the State.

The land area and grasslands are shown with shaded relief.A detailed hydrograph displays the depths of water in coastal areas. Two useful insets provided in the map show the layout of the Aleutian island and the Diomede Island along with some major cities and towns in that area.

The map is available in high-quality print in four different finishes which include Paper, Matte Plastic, Laminated, and Canvas.

  • Location on the Map

    Alaska is located in the northwest extremity of the USA, just across the Bering Strait. The Canadian province of Yukon and British Columbia can be located bordering the state from the east.

    It is the only non- contiguous federal division as Canada cuts out Alaska from the continental US. The International Date Line can be located separating Alaska from Russia.The Chukotskiy Peninsula of Russia along with some of the major towns and cities are also visible on the map.

  • Sea and Gulfs

    The Beaufort Sea in the north, the Bering Sea and the Chukchi Sea in the west along with the Gulf of Alaska in the south are captioned and can be spotted easily. Norton Sound an inlet of the Bering Sea and Bristol Bay are also notably visible.

  • Urban Placements

    Juneau, the capital city of Alaska is marked in bold along with other primary and secondary cities and towns. Cities with populations over 10,000 include Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau.
  • Physical Features

    The Majestic ranges of Brooks and the Alaskan mountains feature on the map along with Kushadwip mountains, Denali Peak and Mount Deborah. Mt Mckinley is clearly visible in the southeastern part of the State. Land area and grasslands are depicted with shaded relief. The Arctic coastal plains, The Kenai Peninsula and the Alaska Peninsula are other terrain markings on the map.
  • National Parks

    Alaska has 6 National parks and is second only to California which has 9. You can view the national Park map of Alaska and California for details. Prominent national parks like Glacier Bay, Denali, Wrangell can be located effortlessly in the Alaska State Map.
  • International Date Line

    The International Date Line runs between the little and Big Diomedes Islands. The Alaskan Diomedes Island is 21 hours behind the Russian Diomedes.
  • Key Table

    The key table brings out symbolic data like national parks, oil fields, important roads and other details of the title frame.
  • Inset

    The map has been supplemented with two insets for reference. They are:
    • Aleutian Islands

      This inset shows the group of the Aleutian Islands extending from the Alaska Peninsula. The trees less the Andreanof Islands, the uninhabited Rat Island and the Near Islands form a part of the Aleutian Inset.
    • The Diomede Islands

      This inset includes the mesa-shaped Diomede Islands located between mainland Alaska and Russia. The Little Diomede is a part of Alaska and the Big Diomede is a part of Russia.
  • Region Location of Alaska

    The State of Alaska falls under the west Region in Division 9. The other countries under the Pacific divisions are California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.
  • Standard Federal Region Location

    Alaska comes under the tenth Federal Region along with Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.
  • Boroughs of Alaska

    Alaska is divided into 19 organized Boroughs and one Unorganized Borough. These boroughs work similarly to counties in other states. Alaska and Louisiana are the only two US states that do not call their administrative subdivisions counties.
  • Alaska Time Zone

    Alaska follows the Alaska Standard Time (AKST) and Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT) which is one hour behind the Pacific time zone. However, The Aleutian Islands follow the Hawaii-Aleutian Time which is one hour behind the rest of the State.
  • Alaska Zip Codes

    The Range of Zip Codes in Alaska state is from 99501-99950. Zip Code range of major cities includes:
    • Juneau covers a range from 99801-3, 11 and 12
    • Anchorage - 99501-11,99513-24
    • Wasilla - 99654
    • Fairbanks - 99706-12
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