Georgia County Map

Appealing and informative this map of Georgia is a wonderful reference tool for schools, offices and homes. It combines important urban details with style and accuracy. Intricate road network is highlighted with specific numbering. The map encompasses all primary and secondary cities with readable fonts.

Important urban concentrations like State capital Atlanta, Albany, Athens, Augusta, Brunswick, Columbus, Macon and Savannah are drawn out separately on insets. Information provided by these city maps include street network, administrative building, parks and other landmarks.

The diverse terrain like The Blue ridge Mountain, rivers plains and oceans are captioned with clarity.

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Details on the Map

The wall map of Georgia, USA contains an abundance of information about the state. Named after King George II of Great Britain, it is the eight most populous state of the US. Numerous towns and cities are labelled along the extent of the map. Highlighted box marking of important settlements are separately depicted in insets. An elaborate legend explains symbols boundaries, airports, national parks, highways and much more.

Important terrain features like mountain ranges, peaks, intricate river system, oceans and plains are easily identifiable. Political boundary with other states is depicted with colored contours and defined margins. The city layout of Atlanta, Albany, Athens, Augusta, Brunswick, Columbus, Macon and Savannah are elaborated with road information, points of interest, parks and historical sites. The map is also furnished with a tabular index of towns and cities, a county index and driving distance chart marked in miles, which helps estimate distance between places.

This comprehensive map poster comes in high quality print with various finishing options. It is furnished with two detailed indices of towns /cities and county. A driving distance marker helps estimate distance between town and cities marked on the map. The map face also provides the Country placement of Georgia along with digitized flag of the state.

  • Location on the map

    The State of Georgia is located in the southeastern region of the United States. Tennessee and North Carolina borders the state in the north. South Carolina and Atlantic Ocean can be placed in the northeast and southeast respectively. Florida shares the southern border with the state whereas Alabama can be placed on the west.

  • Region Location on Map of Georgia

    According to the USCB the State of Georgia is located in the South Atlantic Region, Division 5. The other States under this region are Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

  • Counties in Georgia

    The US State of Georgia is divided into 159 counties. It also has 8 consolidated city counties. Fulton is the largest county in terms of population and Ware is the largest county in terms of area.

  • Time Zone of Georgia

    Georgia follows the Eastern Time Zone and observes the Eastern Standard Time (CST) which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Major cities in Georgia

Atlanta the state capital, is the largest and most populous city of the state. Atlanta metropolitan area is the cultural and economic center of the state and also the 9th largest metropolitan area of the nation. Georgia has 85 public colleges and universities and 48 state parks. Important centers of education, historic sites, military parks, state parks, recreational areas and trails are indicated with clarity within the frame.

  • Atlanta City Inset

    Atlanta state capital is the seat of Fulton County and extends into DeKalb County. It is nicknamed “The City of Forests” because of its dense forest coverage. Atlanta is rated as a global city that has a moderate impact on the commerce, finance technology and education of the nation. The world’s busiest airport is also located here. Museums, tourist areas, parks, recreational areas and universities are marked prominently. Network of freeways, interstate and state highways, thoroughfares, tollways and other roads are drawn out in the inset for orientation. Zip Code range of Atlanta is 30301-30319.
  • Albany City Inset

    Albany is located southwestern part of the state, on the banks of Flint River. It is the seat of Dougherty County and is the principal city of Albany Georgia Metropolitan area. The Riverfront Trail, botanical gardens, parks, historical sites, recreational areas, other points of interest and important buildings form a part of the inset. US route 19 and 82 serves the city of Albany. State routes, thoroughfares, expressways and toll roads can be identified in a glance. Georgia and Florida Railway have its headquarters in Albany. Airport locations are also indicated in the frame. Zip Code Range of Albany is 31701-31701,21.
  • Athens City Inset

    Athens is a city and a County merged into one unified jurisdiction. It is the sixth largest city of Georgia. Points of interest in the city include botanical gardens, Georgia Museums of Arts, Campus of University of Georgia and Sandy Creek Park.

    The city is mainly served with US Route 29 which runs north to south. Other interstate highways, state highways and state roads are numbered and prominently marked. Thoroughfares, intersections, tollways and expressways are also indicated in the city inset. Airport locations, railroad and other utilities are also included in the locator. Zip code Range of Athens is 30601-30609,12 ,22, 83.

  • Augusta City Inset

    Augusta officially known as Augusta –Richmond County is a consolidated City county. Stamford is located in the southwestern part of the state on Long Island Sound. It is the second largest city of Georgia and lies Savannah River in the Fall line section of the state. Augusta’s downtown Historic District, Parks, recreational areas, Universities and notable buildings can be located easily on the frame. Bobby Jones Expressway, US Route 1, can be seen serving the city along with other expressways, state routes, primary and secondary roads and rail routes. Zip code of the city is 30805,8, 30812-15,18, 30830,30901,30903-30907.
  • Brunswick City Inset

    Brunswick is the second largest settlement on the Georgia Coast. It lies in the Glynn County The port of Brunswick is the sixth busiest automobile port of the United States. Parks, airports, railroads, healthcare centers and other utilities can be located with ease in the city inset. Three federal highways pass through the city alson with interstate highways and state roads. Each route is numbered specifically and elaborated with colored thread margins.
  • Columbus City Inset

    Columbus is a consolidated city county and the seat of Muscogee County. It is the third largest city and the fourth largest metropolitan area of the state. The locator includes all important historical sites, military museums, planetarium, parks and recreational areas. Interstate highways, National Highways, state highways are numbered and their route laid out clearly for easy orientation. Airport locations, administrative buildings, educational institutions and other utilities are also indicated in the frame.
  • Macon City Inset

    Macon is located in the geographic center of the state and is known as the “ heart of Georgia”. It is a city and a county that have been merged into one unified jurisdiction. Interstate 1-16 connect the city to Savannah and coastal Georgia. Interstate 75 and 475 also serve the city. Airports, Universities, utilities. points of interests, historical sites, parks and recreational areas are other details that can be found easily on the inset.
  • Savannah City Inset

    Savannah is the oldest city of Georgia and is nicknamed the “Hostess city of the South”. It is the fifth largest city and is also the county seat of Chatham County. The city is an industrial center and is an important seaport. Savannah architecture and historical sites attract many visitors all over the world.

    Location of Forsyth Park, Cathedral of St John Baptist, historic Churches and Synagogues, squares and historical societies are indicated in the frame. Interstate highways, national highways state highways are numbered other primary and secondary roads, expressways, tollways and airports are also marked for quick reference.


The map is furnished with a tabular index of town and cities, a County index and a driving distance marker which help locate all primary and secondary towns on the map.


The key table elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks, military areas, highways, important roads, airports and other details of the title frame.

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