Map of Arizona

The Map of Arizona brings out the spectacular topography of the State with hand painted relief features. Comprehensive detailing of physical attributes from the Sonoran desert to the Grand Canyon makes it ideal for reference. Designed by The National Geographic this Map of Arizona is a part of a growing series of State Wall Maps.

Mountain ranges plateaus, lakes, plains and deserts are clearly marked.

Territorial demarcations, highway systems, capital city Phoenix and major towns are outlined and labeled.

This perfect geographical guide of the state of Arizona comes in a wide range of finishes in high-quality prints.

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Details on the Map

This map of the Arizona projects in detail the geographical features of the State. The diverseness of landforms covering the deserts of Sonoran to the Grand Canyon is represented with accuracy. Mountain ranges, deserts, lakes, and plateaus are depicted with changes in elevation and shaded relief.

The state capital, Phoenix and other primary and secondary towns are labeled to indicate their true location. Political boundaries with other states can also be placed on the map along with some provinces in Mexico. National and state highways are indicated with thread markings along with airport locations. National parks, State Parks, and recreational areas are other details that are included in this comprehensive map of Arizona.

Other aspects of the map include highway systems, airports, military installations, recreational areas, state parks, and protected areas.A detailed legend brings out data like national parks, military area, highways, important roads ski resorts, airports and other details of the title frame.This perfect geographical guide of the state of Arizona comes in a wide range of finishes in high-quality prints.

  • Location on the map

    Arizona is a part of the mountain state and falls in the southwestern region of the United States. It is landlocked on all sides with Utah in the north, New Mexico in the east, California and Nevada in the west. Colorado can also be placed in the northeast tip in a small point of intersection. The Sonora and Baja California provinces of Mexico can be seen sharing the international border with Arizona in the south.
  • Major cities in Arizona

    Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona can be found to the north of the Sonoran Desert. Also known as the “Valley of Sun” this city is one of the largest cities in the United States. Tucson, Mesa, Glendale are marked in readable fonts along with other primary and secondary cities in the state. Military areas, state, and interstate highways, major roads, recreational areas, ski resorts, and airports are clearly labeled for reference.
  • Key Table

    A detailed legend brings out data like national parks, military area, highways, important roads ski resorts, airports and other details of the title frame.
  • Map Size

    This elaborately detailed map poster can be ordered in 34.75x 42. 25-inch dimension.
  • Region Location on map of Arizona

    According to the USCB the State of Arizona falls under the southwest Region. The other countries under these divisions are Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.
  • Counties in Arizona

    Arizona is divided into 15 counties. Coconino is the largest county by area whereas Maricopa County is the largest by population.
  • Time Zone of Arizona

    Most of Arizona observes Mountain Standard time (MST) all round the year. Only Navajo Nation observes Daylight Saving Time (DST).
  • Zip Codes in Arizona

    The Range of Zip codes in Arizona state is from 85001-86556. Zip code range of major cities includes: Phoenix is 85001-85086 and 85089-85099, Mesa is 85201-85216 and Tucson is 85701-36 and 85739-55, 57, 75 and 77. Arizona Zip Code Maps
  • Physical Features

    With sublime earth tones and uneven elevation, the map depicts a great variety in terrain, from deserts to dominating mountain ranges. Arizona is divided into three geographical regions called the Desert basin, Colorado Plateau and the Transition zone.
    • Desert Basin

      The desert basin or the ridge basin encompasses the southern and western part of the state and includes four main deserts which are labeled for easy identification.

      The Painted Desert can be located in the northern part of the state and stretches from the Grand Canyon to the Petrified Forest area. The Chihuahuan Desert can be found at the southeastern tip of Arizona whereas The Mojave Desert covers a small part in the northwest corner. The Sonoran Desert covers more of the State than the other three deserts and can be placed easily in the southwestern region.

    • Colorado Plateau

      The Colorado Plateau, also known as the “Red Rock County”, can be placed with ease in the north and northeastern portion of the state. This region is home to the Colorado River and Grand Canyon. Chuska Mts, Mongolian Rim, Coconino Plateau and the Petrified Forest are other features of this area, distinctively marked on the map.
    • Transition Zone

      The transition zone runs from the southeast to the northwest across central Arizona. This region lies between the Colorado Plateau and the desert basin and ridge regions. It includes portions of mountain ranges and deserts.

      The mountain ranges in this region include Mazatzal, Santa Maria and the White Mountain. Humphreys Peak is the highest point in the State.

    • Water Bodies

      The map is marked with the intricate river system of the state. The principal rivers like Colorado, Gila, Salt, and little Colorado, can be placed on the map with ease. Roosevelt Lake and Lake Mead are also visible with clarity.

      The Gulf of California can be seen dividing the land portion of the Sonoran Desert into two halves:

      • The Baja California on the west, and
      • The states of Arizona and Sonora to the east.
  • National Parks

    Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Mead recreational area, Petrified forest national park, other state parks, recreational areas, and ski resorts are also indicated clearly on the map.
  • Display Uses of map of Arizona

    The map of Arizona is ideal for the study of geography and landscape. With an engaging color scheme this large map, makes an elegant poster display in-home study, living spaces, schools, and libraries.
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    Wide ranges of products are available for perusal
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    Publication Date 2009
    Publisher Name National Geographic
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