Map of Connecticut

This large scale thematic map of Connecticut enables an easy orientation of urban space. Connecticut is the third smallest state in terms of area and the fourth most densely populated state in the USA.

The map is also furnished with a tabular index of towns/ cities and county. A driving distance marker, miniature map of the United States pinpointing the placement of Connecticut and digitized flag of the State.

This geographical guide comes in high quality print with various finishing options. With attractive imagery and comprehensive detailing the map makes a great tool for reference.

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Details on the Map

The State of Connecticut derives its name from a “Mohegan” word meaning “Place of Long tidal river”. The visual organizer features the urban geography of the state inviting curiosity and learning. Political boundary with other states is clearly depicted with colored contours and defined margins.

The state capital, Hartford and names of other primary settlements and secondary towns and cities are printed in readable fonts and are easily identifiable. Road network, thoroughfare, frees and tollways are presented with specific numbering and thread markings. The map layout shows the Long Island Sound and includes inset maps of major urban settlements like Hartford, New Haven- Bridgeport, Stamford, New London and Waterbury. Major terrain markings, airports locations, points of interest and historical sites are other details of this intricate layout. The map is also furnished with a tabular index of towns and cities, a county index and driving distance chart marked in miles, which helps locate all primary and secondary towns on the map.

Important urban concentrations like State capitol Hartford, New Haven- Bridgeport, Stamford, New London and Waterbury are drawn out separately on insets. Information provided by these city maps include street network, points of interests, administrative building, parks and other landmarks. Highlighted box markings and prominent captioning also indicate their placement in the state canvas. 100s of other primary and secondary cities and towns are named in their true location for easy understanding. The expanse of the title frame is elaborated with terrain placements and interlinking networks of highways and state roads. Airports, railroads and harbors are also marked prominently. Political demarcations with bordering States are specified with contrasting tones.

The Long Island Sound, a tidal estuary of the Atlantic Ocean lies to the south of Connecticut. The harbors of New London, Greenwich and New Haven lie in the coastal lowlands. All hills and mountains in Connecticut are a part of the larger Appalachian Range. The highest peak Bear Mountain in Salisbury can be placed on the northwest corner of the state which is a part of the Taconic Mountains. The Connecticut River flows through the middle of the state from north to south. The plain surrounding the river, known as the Connecticut Valley lowlands is also the most populous metropolitan region of the state.

  • Where is Connecticut on the map?

    The “Constitution State” is bordered by Massachusetts in the north and on the west by New York. Rhode Islands can be seen bounding the state from east. Connecticut is bordered on the south by Long Island Sound, a tidal estuary of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the southernmost state in the New England region of the northeastern United States.

  • Key Table

    The key table elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks, military areas, highways, important roads, airports and other details of the title frame.

  • Region Location on the map of Connecticut

    According to the USCB the State of Connecticut is located in the Northeastern Region in New England, Division 1. The other States under this region are Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Islands and Vermont.

  • Counties in Connecticut

    The US State of Connecticut is divided into 8 counties. Four of the counties of Fairfield, Hartford, New Haven and New London were created in 1666. Windham and Litchfield Counties were created later in the colonial era and Middlesex and Tolland Counties were created after American independence.

  • Time Zone in Connecticut

    Connecticut follows the Eastern Time Zone and observes the Eastern Standard Time (CST) which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

  • ZIP Code of Connecticut

    The Range of Zip codes in Connecticut is from 06001- 06068. The Zip code range few cities are: Hartford: 06101-06106,06108, 06112, New Haven: 06501-06521, Bridgeport: 00604-06615.

Major cities of Connecticut

There are 169 incorporated towns in Connecticut. The capital Hartford is highlighted in a box frame on the state canvas and elaborated in an inset. The most populous city is Bridgeport followed by New Haven and Stamford. Many other primary and secondary towns are also marked on the frame for quick reference.

  • Hartford City Inset

    Nicknamed “New England’s Rising Star”, Hartford the state capital is also the core city in the Greater Hartford Metropolitan Area. It is the fourth largest city of the State. It is one of the oldest cities of the United States and houses the county oldest public Art museum “Wadsworth Atheneum” and oldest publicly funded park, “Bushnell Park”. Interstate 84 serves the city and runs east to west through the state. Other primary roads, secondary roads, intersections, expressways, state roads, freeways, tollways, railroads and airport locations are marked on the frame with clarity.

  • New Haven City Inset

    New Haven is the second largest city in Connecticut. It is located on the New Haven Harbor on the northern shore of Long Island Sound. It was the first planned city in America and is laid out in a grid plan. It is also the first city to institute the first tree plantation program in the county and is nicknamed the “Elm City”. Yale University is prominently marked in the downtown area of the city. Other universities, museums, architectural landmarks, and historical sites can be placed easily on the inset. The city is served by interstate 95 and 91 which are numbered and can be identified at a glance. The Frame also includes airport location, rail routes and sea ports.
  • Bridgeport City Inset

    Bridgeport lies in Fairfield County and is the largest city in Connecticut. It lies along Long Island Sound at the mouth of the Pequannock River and is a historic Sea port of the country. Nicknamed the “park city”, it is renowned for its public park system. Important historic sites, museums, art centers, civic centers, churches, universities are some of the important markings on the inset. Interstate 95, Route 8 and 25 serve the city. They are numbered and marked prominently along with other primary and secondary roads.

    Railroads, ferry ways, tour locations and points of interest are other details that are included in the locator.

  • Stamford City Inset

    Stamford is located in the southwestern part of the state on Long Island Sound. It is the third largest city of Connecticut and falls in Fairfield County. Two limited access highways run through the city. Interstate 95 serves the city as the main route. Stamford is located on the New Haven Line on the Metro Northern Railways. Airport, parks and recreational sites, landmarks and other tour locations can also be located on the map with ease.

  • New London City Inset

    The port of entry on the northeastern coast of The United States, it is located in the mouth of the Thames in New London County. It is one of the smallest cities of Connecticut in terms of land area. Museums, historical points of interest, parks, forts and churches and other points of interests are marked prominently on the inset. Transportation services include Estuary Transit District which is a provider of public transit in Connecticut River Estuary Region. Southeast area transit, passenger rail service Cross Sound Ferry and airports are other important routes indicated clearly on the frame.

  • Waterbury City Inset

    Located on the banks of Naugatuck River the “Brass City” of Waterbury lies in New Haven County. It is the 5th largest city in Connecticut. The two main highways that serve the city are 1 and 84. The Metro-North Railroads also run through the city helping in commutation. Schools, universities, landmarks like the municipal Stadium, Apothecary Building, museums, historical sites and parks are marked for easy reference.


The map is furnished with a tabular index of town and cities, a County index and a driving distance marker which help locate all primary and secondary towns on the map.

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