Map of Kansas

The state of Kansas derives its name from the “Kaw Nation”, a group of native American tribes who lived along the banks of River Kansas.

The Map of Kansas entails the political layout of the state with cartographic excellence. It falls under the grain belt and is the 15th largest state in terms of area. Many towns and cities are labelled prominently on the frame. State capital Topeka and major urban settlements like Lawrence, Manhattan and Wichita are highlighted with box indicators and elaborated in insets.

Other interesting features are, a miniature map of the United States pinpointing the placement of Kansas along with a digitized state flag.

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Details on the Map

The map of Kansas is a detailed reference map, projecting the urban layout of the state. State capital Topeka and other primary and secondary towns are captioned with readable fonts. Four useful insets lay out in detail the city layout of major settlements like Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan and Wichita. Each city map is complete with the latest street information and accurate location markings of landmarks. Significant physical features like Kansas and other rivers, Mount Sunflower, lakes, national parks and State parks are depicted with quality imaging. Boundaries with other states are demarcated with contrasting colors and can be identified in a glance. National highways, state highways, intersections, other primary and secondary roads, airport location, state parks and national parks are other details that form a part of the frame. The map frame is supplemented with a useful legend, a driving distance chart and two useful indices of towns/cities and counties. Designed in a vivid color palette, this Kansas map makes a perfect display and combines information with style.

Terrain features include prominent peaks, rivers, forest areas, lakes, and National/ State parks. Other aspects of the map include numbered highway system, airports location, rail routes, recreational area, military installation and points of interest. A useful legend simplifies symbolic data like urban concentration, highway system, parks and recreational areas.

With in-depth detailing it makes an excellent tool for reference and an attractive display, perfect for homes, business or schools. Designed by Globe Turner, this map poster is available in a wide range of finishes in high quality prints.

  • Where is Kansas on the map?

    Kansas is located in the Midwestern region of the United States. Oklahoma can be seen bounding the state from the south and Nebraska can be placed on the north. Missouri and Colorado mark the eastern and western border respectively. The northeastern boundary of the state is defined by the Missouri River.

  • Key Table

    The key table elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks, military areas, highways, important roads, airports and other details of the title frame.

  • Region Location on the map of Kansas

    According to the USCB the State of Kansas is located in Midwest Region in West North Central, Division 4. The other States under this region are Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota Minnesota and Missouri.

  • Time Zone in Kansas

    Most of Kansas falls under the central Time Zone and follows the Central Standard Time (CST) which is 6 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. The four Counties located in the far west portion of the state which include Sherman, Wallace, Greeley and Hamilton falls under the Mountain Time Zone. They follow the Mountain Standard Time (MST) which is 7 hours behind Greenwich meantime.

  • ZIP Code of Kansas

    The Zip codes in Kansas range from 66002-67954.

Major cities of Kansas

Capital city Topeka can be placed in the north eastern part of Kansas. The largest city, Wichita and other secondary and primary towns are named in their true location for quick reference. The state is divided into 105 counties. The largest county in terms of area is Butler County. Johnson County is the largest county in terms of population and also the employment center of the state. The geographic center is Barton County, named after Clara Barton, the founder of American Red Cross.

  • Topeka City Map

    Topeka lies in the north eastern part of the state along the Kansas river. Its name is a sentence from the Siouan language of the Kansa tribe meaning “ Place where we dug potatoes”. The Capital city is the seat of Shawnee County which is the third most populous county of the state. The city lies at the intersection of Interstate 70 and US highway 75. All interstate, national and state highways are numbered for easy recognition. Other primary and secondary roads, freeways, tollways and airport locations are marked notably on the city inset. Passenger rail service routes are indicated clearly along with utility and health centers. Additional details include prominent buildings, universities, museums, park, recreational areas and historical sites.

  • Lawrence City Map

    Lawrence is nicknamed the “River City” as it is located between the Kansas River and its tributary Wakarusa. It is a University town dominated by the college population. It is the seat of Douglas County and the sixth largest city of Kansas. Points of interest in the cityscape include University of Kansas, South Park, Centennial Park, museums and historical sites. The Kansas Turnpike freeway runs through the city from east to west. All Interstate highways, national highways, state highways are numbered and color coded for easy understanding. Airport locations are also prominently marked.

  • Manhattan City Map

    Manhattan lies at the confluence of the Kansas River and its largest tributary Big Blue River. It is the seat of Riley County and is located in the northeastern part of the state. Kansas State University is the largest employer of the city. Points of interest marked on the inset include universities, museums, zoo, brewery and notable buildings. The passenger rail that serves the city is Amtrak. Interstate Highway 70 runs south of Manhattan and Us Highway 24 runs through the city. Other Interstate highways, national highways and State ‘highways that form a part of the city’s transportation network are specifically numbered and can be placed at a glance. Exits, intersections and major connectors are also indicated for easy understanding.

  • Wichita, City Map

    Wichita is the seat of Sedgwick County and the largest city in Kansas in terms of population. The city lies in the lowland region of the great plain on the banks of the Arkansas River. The main industries of Wichita include aircraft manufacturing and health care. Several national and state highways pass through the city. Interstate 35 and 135 serve the city along with other US routes and State Routes. The inset displays an organized layout of highway systems with accurate numbering and contrasting route markings. Intersections, thoroughfares, interchanges and bypasses are also indicated with clarity. Other features of the inset include notable buildings, parks, museums, monuments, historical sites and military establishments.


The map is also furnished with a city town index, a county index and a driving distance marker which help locate all primary and secondary towns.

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