Map of Kentucky

The Map of Kentucky is a simplified graphic representation of cities and urban space of the state. It shares information on location of towns and cities, state boundaries, highways and state roads. State capital Frankfort, Bowling Green, Lexington, Louisville and Owensboro are elaborated in insets for easy understanding.

Each city layout includes detailed transportation networks, with route charts and accurate numbering of highways.

The map is also furnished with a city town index, County index, distance markers, miniature map of the United States pinpointing the placement of Kentucky along with a digitized flag of the State.

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Details on the Map

Designed with accuracy using current map data, this Map of Kentucky is a high quality image of the urban layout of the state. Boundaries with other states are identifiable with contrasting contour. It encompasses all primary and secondary cities and towns with highlighted box frames of five important settlements.

The State Capital Frankfort is named in its true location and can be placed easily. National highways, state highways, airports locations, military installation and recreational areas are other details that are included in the map. Five separate inset, elaborates the city layout of Frankfort, Bowling Green, Lexington, Louisville and Owensboro. The physical landscape is depicted with attractive imagery and variation in color.

The Appalachian mountain range and significant water bodies like the Mississippi river, Ohio River, Kentucky River and Tennessee River can be placed at a glance. Other terrain features include, Mountain peaks, forestlands, bluegrass region, national parks and State parks. This Map of Kentucky is a wonderful combination of quality, price and usability perfect for display in classrooms, offices and home.

Kentucky is one of the four states of the USA which is officially termed as the “Commonwealth of Kentucky”. However it is commonly known as the “Bluegrass” state, because of the perennial species of grass which is native to this region.

The map also provides an overview of the state’s topography with prominent markings like the Appalachian in eastern Kentucky and the Bluegrass region in Lexington. Major rivers of the state include Mississippi and Ohio which flows on the western and northern boundary of the state. Rivers that flow within the state like Kentucky River, Tennessee River and Cumberland River are also captioned and can be placed with ease. Other terrain features include forest cover, national park, state parks and lakes.

  • Where is Kentucky on the map?

    The state of Kentucky is located in the Southern part of the United States. It is bordered by seven US states from all sides. West Virginia and Virginia make the northeastern and eastern border respectively. Missouri borders the state to the west and Tennessee borders the state from the south. Illinois is located in the northwest. Indiana and Ohio make the northern border.

  • Key Table

    The key table elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks , military areas, highways, important roads, airports and other details of the title frame.

  • Region Location on the map of Kentucky

    According to the USCB the State of Kentucky is located in the Southern Region under east south central, division 6. Other states in this region are Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi.

  • Counties in Kentucky

    Kentucky is divided into 120 Counties. The largest county in terms of population is Jefferson County and Pike County is the largest in terms of area.

  • Time Zone in Kansas

    Kentucky follows two time zones.Eastern part of Kentucky, falls under the eastern time zone and follows the Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. The western part of the state falls under the central time zone and follows the Central Standard Time (CST) which is 6 hours behind Greenwich mean time.

  • ZIP Code of Kansas

    The Range of Zip codes in Kentucky is from 40475-41760

Major cities of Kentucky

Kentucky's economy is mainly based on manufacturing, trade, mining and agriculture. The two most populous counties of the state are Jefferson and Fayette. Important inland ports like the Huntington-Tristate which is also the largest inland port of the nation can be placed on the Ohio river. Kentucky has a non-contiguous enclave which is known as the Kentucky bend. This area is completely surrounded by the state of Missouri and Tennessee.

  • Frankfort City Inset

    The capital city of Frankfort is located in the bluegrass region bisected by the Kentucky River. It is the seat of Franklin County and the principal city of the Frankfort Kentucky Micropolitan Statistical Area. Kentucky State University, parks and recreational areas can be located with ease on the frame. It has no commercial airports but has a military airport which serves the city.

    The interstate highway 64 and 75 cross connect the city to other parts of the state. All interstate highways, national highways and state highways are numbered for easy recognition. Other primary and secondary roads, intersections, tollways and thoroughfares are also drawn out on the inset. important administrative buildings are named with readable fonts.

  • Bowling Green City Inset

    Bowling Green is the third most populous city of the state and the seat of Warren County. Sites of interest like historical sites, parks, golf courses, museums, natural spaces and notable buildings can be placed with clarity on the frame. Route chart of all highways running through the city is highlighted with different colors and specific numbering. The two major interstate highways serving the city are Interstate 65 and 165. Other National highways, state highways, intersections, thoroughfares and airport locations can be placed easily on the inset.

  • Lexington City Inset

    The “ Horse capital of the World “ is located in the bluegrass region of Kentucky. It is the second largest city and the seat of Fayette County. Lexington and Fayette have been merged as a consolidated city county under one unified jurisdiction. Landmarks like historical monuments, museums, Kentucky horse park, other parks, recreational areas and natural spaces can be identified with ease. The city sits along the interstate highway -64 and 75. Other primary and secondary roads, state highways, national highways and airport locations are also drawn out elaborately on the inset.

  • Louisville City Inset

    Louisville is named after King Louis XVI of France. It is a first class city of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and also the largest city of the state. Though Louisville is the historical as well as the nominal seat of Jefferson County it has now been converted into a consolidated city county. Muhammad Ali Center, Art Museum, historical museum, parks forest area, notable building and places of importance can be located on the frame with ease. Interstate highways 264 and 265 form the inner and outer beltway of the city. Other state routes, primary and secondary roads, state highways, national highways are also marked for quick reference.

  • Owensboro City Inset

    Owensboro is the fourth largest city and is located at the bend of the Ohio River. It is a home rule class city and the seat of Daviess County. Points of interest include golf course, Owensboro Bridge, parks and recreational areas. All interstate highways, national highways and state highways are demarcated with color code and specific numbering. Interstate 165, US route 60 and 431 serve the city along with other state roads. Airport locations are also indicated for quick reference.


The map is also furnished with a city town index, County index and a distance marker which help locate all primary and secondary towns of Kentucky on the map.


A useful legend explains the symbol of population concentration, primary and secondary roads, airport location, state boundaries and much more. This map is an excellent quick reference geographical guide available in different finishes in high quality prints.

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