Large Map of the United States

Featuring significant physical attributes and political division of all 50 States, the map makes an exceptional exhibit.

National Capitals, State names and State Provincial Capitals are marked for easy identification. Time zone lines and international divides are color-coded with bright-line indicators. The map has a detailed outline of the highway system illustrated with specific numbering.

Mountain peaks, lakes and Parks are easy to locate. This map of the US, modeled in a soft tone in a true Canadian layout. Its descriptive nature is informative and usable at the same time.

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Details on the map

This Large Map of the United States is a detailed political cum physical map of the country. The map shows divisions of each State and international boundaries with contour lines. Significant water bodies are printed in larger fonts to make an easy spot. This creative piece has been designed in an appealing pastel hue.

  • Locations on the Map

    State boundaries are highlighted with yellow lines. All 50 States are captioned with state names in big fonts. National and provincial Capitals are dotted, indicating their placement.
  • Mountains and lakes

    Significant physical features are shown with geographical correctness. Mountains like the Rocky and Appalachian are labeled prominently. Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan are also marked on the map.
  • Oceans, Sea, Gulfs

    The Gulf Coast of the United States with the Gulf of Mexico finds prominence in the map. The Atlantic Ocean on the east coast and the Pacific Ocean on the west coast are shown in pale blue hue entailing huge water bodies.
  • Plains

    The alluvial plains of eastern Virginia and the Great Central Plains of Dakota and Texas are other prominent features on the map.
  • National and State Highways

    The map shows an integrated network of roads and highways. US highway, interstate roads and state provincial highways are numbered and have specific logos for clear identification. Federal, tollways and other major roads are elaborated with route maps. Transport links and Ferry ways are also displayed notably for easy reference.
  • International Road Links

    The map also shows international road links between Texas and Canada as well as the Mexican highway.
  • Parks and Conservation patches

    State / provincial parks and conservation areas under the USGS are indicated in green for clarity and recognition.
  • Population and Urban areas

    This detailed map of the US projects urban areas and combines information on populated areas with specific dot symbols.
  • Insets

    The Map has two insets. The first shows details of Alaska sharing international boundary with Russia. Some Russian states are also included in this locator. The other inset shows the detailed map of Hawaii.

Map Scale

The map is on a scale of 1:3500 000. The inset of Hawaii is on the same scale as the main map. The inset of Alaska is set on a scale of 1:13500000.

Use of the Map

The wall map of the United States can be purchased in paper, laminated map form. It is a good resource for:

  • Educative Reference

    This comprehensive map of the United States is ideal for educational reference in schools and libraries.
  • Travel Reference

    The map has a detailed overview of Highway systems and road networks. This makes it very helpful for visualizing routes during travels and distance between destinations.
  • Poster Display

    With an engaging color scheme this large map makes an elegant poster display in office spaces, home study and business centers.

Other Map Options

Other options are also available for perusal, like

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SKU lucidmap-LWM23-1
Map Scale 1:3,500,000
Flat Size 54 x 38 in
Publication Date 2016
Publisher Name Lucidmap
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