World Political (Miller projection)

World map, politically coloured, on the Miller Projection

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World Political Miller Projection Map
World Political Miller Projection Map World Political (Miller projection)

More about the politically coloured World map on Miller Projection

This world political map is a map of the whole world that uses an attractive colour-palette for the map base. It comes with all the important details like countries, national capitals and international boundaries shown in contrasting hues. This world map wall art large is a perfect map designed for office, public areas, classroom, child's room or home walls.

Additional details on the map include major cities, and water bodies like rivers, lakes, glaciers, mountain peaks, and lat-long coordinates. The 34.25 x 24.5 inches map also comes with a panel showing country flags. This extra-large world map can be ordered in laminated, matte plastic and plain paper finish.

What is the Miller projection?

This world map with cities and capitals uses the Miller Projection. Similar to the Mercator projection, this prognosis although differs to represent the polar regions. Here the areas are not much distorted. Spacing between lines of latitude as they approach the poles is less than in the Mercator projection. It decreases the distortion in area, but the compromise introduces distortion in local shape and direction.

Publisher: Oxford Cartographers

This world map with capitals of countries is a publication of Oxford Cartographers, which is a mapping service in Michigan, England. The company is a leading name in cartography business and branded mapping. It provides quality custom maps, wall maps, and other maps for a wide range of clients. From town centre maps, promotional maps, location maps, diary maps, bible maps, interactive maps, connectipoint, the peters world map - oxford cartographers offers mapping services in several other domains like car rental, freight, tourism, bibles, town planning, diaries, promotional maps, hotels and more.

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SKU oxfordcartographers-A1-WOR-POL-MILLER-1
Map Scale 1:53,250,000
Flat Size 33.25 x 23.5 in
Publication Date 2016
Publisher Name Oxford Cartographers
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