Texas State Map

The State of Texas derives its name from a word in the Caddoan Language of the Hasinai, ‘taysha’ or ‘Tejas’ meaning ‘friends or allies’.

The terrain cover and urban placements are represented with well-defined cartography and accurate data in the Texas State Map.

It also encompasses the urban layout with placement of all primary and secondary cities and networks of highways.

The map features also include multiple insets elaborating the cityscape of Downtown Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. A separate inset brings out the detailed layout of Big Bend National Park.

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Details on the map

The Texas State Map depicts the physical and political layout of the state with in-depth factual detailing. In planimetric layout the map shows international demarcations, state boundaries with contour lines and contrast. The State capital Austin along with marking of primary cities, secondary cities and airports are marked in their true location.

All National Parks , State Parks, protected areas and recreational areas are easily identifiable with green cover patches. Physical attributes include mountain peaks, plateaus, desert, plains, rivers, lakes, sand hills, prairies and the Gulf of Mexico. Primary and secondary highways are specifically numbered and can be identified at a glance. The map is also furnished with multiple insets depicting the cityscape of Downtown Dallas, Houston and San Antonio and other major urban settlements Big Bend National Park is also depicted in a separate inset. Other features of the map include city town index, County index, distance markers, miniature United States locator indicating the placement of Texas and a digitized flag of the State.

This comprehensive Texas state map poster comes in high quality print with various finishing options. It is furnished with An elaborate legend and two detailed indices of towns /cities and county. A driving distance marker helps estimate distance between towns and cities marked on the map.

The map face also provides the Country placement of Texas along with digitized flags of the state. This urban political map of Texas aims to broaden our knowledge about the state with visual learning and well researched data.

  • Where is Texas on the map?

    The state of Texas is located in the south central region of the United States. Three of the state’s borders are defined by water bodies. Texas shares a water boundary with Oklahoma to the north and Arkansas in the northeast with the Red River. The Sabine River forms a natural boundary with the state of Louisiana in the east. The Mexican States of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas are separated by the Rio Grande in the southeast. New Mexico can be placed in the west. The Gulf of Mexico forms the coastline to the southwest.

  • Region Location on the Texas State Map

    According to the USCB the Texas is located in the southern part of the United States in West South Central Region, Division 7. Other States in this division are Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

  • Time Zone in Texas

    Texas follows two time zones. The eastern part of Texas falls under the Central Time Zone and follows the Central Standard Time (CST) which is 6 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. A small portion of western Texas falls under the Mountain Time Zone and follows the Mountain Standard Time which is 7 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

  • Counties in Texas

    Texas has 254 Counties more than any other state in the US. The largest county by population is Harris County and the largest County in terms of land area is Brewster County.

  • ZIP Code of Texas

    The Range of Zip codes in Texas is from 75001-75398.

Urban Placements

Texas is the second largest state in the USA. Capital city Austin is the second most populous city of the state and the 11the most populous city of the nation. Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are the largest cities of the state. Houston is the most populous city of the state and the fourth largest in the nation. All other important settlements in the state are marked with readable fonts along with hundreds of cities and towns.

Major cities of Texas

The map feature includes multiple insets of major urban settlements of the state. Each frame is complete with the latest street information, waterways, rail routes and airports. Accurate locations of landmarks, notable architecture, historical sites, utility and civic centers are indicated with clarity. Parks and forest areas are easily recognizable in each frame with green patches and specified symbols elaborated in the legend.

  • Downtown Dallas

    Dallas is the largest city of Texas and the seat of Dallas County. The city area extends over five counties namely Dallas, Collin, Denton, Kaufman and Rockwall. It is located in the northern part of the state and ranks third in terms of population. Downtown Dallas is the central business district and the geographical center of the city.

    The important locations of this area are Victory Park which lies along Interstate 35E, Arts District and Trinity River the longest river in the state. Other points of interest include Museum Tower, Dallas Art Museum, Dallas Convention Center, Klyde Warren Park. Notable buildings like Bank of America Plaza, the tallest building, Renaissance Tower and Fountain place can be easily located on the frame. Downtown Dallas is connected with a highway loop which includes Interstate 345,45, 30 and US Highway 67, 175 and 75.

  • Austin

    The Capital City Austin is the seat of Ion and Travis County. It is the 11tth most populous city of the nation and the fourth in the state. Austin is often nicknamed the “ Silicon Hills” due to the establishment of a huge number of technological development companies in the city. Notable buildings in the city are the State Capitol, University of Texas, Moonlight Towers, the tallest building, “The Independent” and The Astonian.

    Museums and other points of interest include Blanton Art Center, Texas State History Museum, Richards Congress Avenue Bridge and Zoo. Lady Bird Lake, Barton Creek Greenbelt, other parks and recreational areas can also be easily placed on the frame. Interstate 35 connects the city from the east and Mopac Expressway connects the city from the west. All other national and state highways are numbered specifically for quick reference along with rail routes and airport locations.

  • Waco

    Waco is located in central Texas along the Brazos River. It is the seat of McLennan County and also its largest city. Universities, Libraries, Museums can be placed on the inset along with Cameron Zoo, Lake Waco, Cameron Park, Hawaiian Falls Water Park and Dollis Miller Memorial.

    The main highway serving the city is Interstate 35. Texas State Highway 6 and US highway 84 are the other two major connectors of the city. All Highways are numbered and their routes specifically color coded for easy understanding. Airport locations are also indicated on the frame.

  • Laredo

    Laredo lies on the bank of Rio Grande in south Texas on the border with Mexico. It is the seat of Webb County and the 10th most populous city of the state. The City’s economy is run by international trade with Mexico. Points of interest include Republic of Rio Grande Capitol Building Museum, Laredo Center of Arts, Planetarium, International University, churches and Cathedrals. Natural spaces and parks are named and can be easily placed. Some of the notable ones are Barrio Azteca Historic District, Lake Casa Blanca International State Park and Golf Courses. The city boasts of 8 recreational Centers and 34 developed parks. Interstate 35, 69 and 2 connect the city along with US highway 59 and 83. Airports and rail routes are also marked out with clarity.

  • Arlington

    Arlington is located in Tarrant County. The points of interest in the city are Six Flags Over Texas, nationwide theme Park, International Bowling Museum, Art Museum parks and recreational areas. The Arlington Airport is a public use airport located within the Arlington municipal limits. It is served by two interstate highways 20, Ronald Reagan and Interstate 30 , Tom Landry Memorial Highway.

  • Houston

    Houston is the most populous city of Texas and ranks fourth in terms of population in the USA. It is located in southern Texas near Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Houston is also the county seat of Harris county however the land area extends to Fort Bend and Montgomery County. It is the center of business, culture and research and has received the status of a Global City. Some of the notable buildings of the city are Niels Esperson Building, JP Morgan Chase Tower, Williams Tower, Greek Orthodox Cathedral and Sacred Hearts Cathedral. Houston is home to 387 Parks, some of them are, Lake Houston Park, Tranquility Park, Hermann Park and Memorial Park. Other points of interest that can be located on the frame are zoo, museums, botanical gardens, nature center and Theater District.

    The city is crossed by three interstate highways which are interstate 45, 69 and 10. All other highways are specifically numbered and airport locations indicated.

  • San Antonio

    San Antonio is the second most populous city in Texas and ranks 7th in terms of population in the nation. It is the seat of Bexar County and the principal city of San Antonio-New Braunfels Metropolitan and Statistical Area. San Antonio is named after Saint Antonio of Padua, a Portuguese Priest known for his powerful preaching. Many Military Installations are located in the city and indicated clearly on the frame. Points of interest include San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, The Alamo, San Antonio RiverWalk, Tower of Americas and Morgan’s Wonderland amusement park. Downtown San Antonio is the urban core of the city.

    The Military, health, finance, tourism and civil services are the primary forerunners of the city’s economy. The City is served by Interstate 10,35,3, 77and 410 along with US Route 90 and 281. All highways are numbered, rail routes identifiable and airport locations indicated with clarity.

  • Corpus Christi

    Corpus Christi is the coastal city in South Texas and the seat of Nueces County. The land area of the city extends to Aransas, Kleberg, and San Patricio County. The Corpus Christi Port is the fifth largest port in the US and has many Navy installations. It is the eighth populous city of Texas. The points of interest in the city are North Beach, Texas State Aquarium, USS Lexington, Botanical Garden and nature Center And Hans and Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge. Natural spaces and Parks include Padre Island, Mustang Island, Padre Island National SeaShore and Kinks Ranch along with other recreational areas. Interstate 69, 35 and 37 connect the city to the rest of the state along with US routes 83 and 59. Airports and Union Pacific Railroads can also be placed on the frame with clarity.

  • Texarkana

    Texarkana is a twin city with neighboring Texarkana in Arkansas. The Texas part of the city lies in Bowie County. Texarkana is located at the junction of Interstate 30and US Highways 59, 67, 71 and 82.Rail roads are quick to place on the inset along with points of interests, landmarks, educational institutions, parks and recreational areas.

  • Beaumont

    Beaumont is the seat of Jefferson County and the 30th most populous city in the state. It is located in southern Texas on the banks of river Neches River. Port Arthur, Orange and Beaumont together form the golden triangle a major industrial area in Texas Gulf Coast. Points of interest include art museums, children’s Museum, Babe Didrikson Zaharias Museum, Jack Brooks Federal Building and St Anthony Cathedral Basilica. Botanical Gardens, Tyrell Park and golf courses can also be placed on the frame.

    All highways are numbered for easy orientation. Port of Beaumont, passenger rail routes and airports can also be found on the frame with ease. Interstate 10 serves the city along with other US highways and State routes.

  • Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

    This metropolitan area is the economic and cultural hub of northern Texas and encompasses 13 Counties. It is the most populous metropolitan in the state and the 10th largest in the nation. The economy is anchored by banking commerce, telecommunication, health care and medical research sectors. It is geographically located in the Texas Black land Prairies Region marked by man -made lakes, streams, creeks and forested areas.

    The north south interstate highways are I-35 and I-45 whereas east west interstate highways are I-30 and I-20. All other highways are numbered and color coded for easy orientation. Rail routes and airports are also indicated on the frame along with Universities, parks and recreational areas.

  • Big Bend National Park

    Big Bend National Park is located in western Texas. It protects the Chihuahuan Desert ecology. The park includes sea fossils, dinosaur bones and Volcanic dikes. The park also has a rich cultural history and has many archeological sites.

    Big Bend is one of the largest though the least visited National park in the United States. The notable trails of the park are Chimneys Trail, Marufo Vega Trail and the south rim trail. Other notable locations include Santa Elena Canyon, Grapevine Hills, and the Mule Ears, two imposing rock towers in the middle of the desert. The nearest city is Alpine

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