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A Self Explanatory Long Beach, New York map shows street details with marked landmarks(Holocaust Memorial at Kennedy Plaza, Red Brick District), museums, government buildings, schools, churches, major routes, highway, and more.

The map also depicts hospital campuses, postal districts(United States Post Office), streets(Curley Street) and neighborhoods, industrial areas, and recreation areas like parks (Clark Street Park), Golf courses, Hotels and much more. A map legend featured at the bottom helps all the signs, characters graphics, and symbols used throughout the map.

About Long Beach, New York

Long Beach is a city in Nassau County, New York. The city is on barrier Island off the South Shore of Long Island. It shares the Island with East Atlantic Beach, Atlantic Beach to the west, and Lido Beach and Point Lookout to the east. With its section of the Barrier island, the city takes up the entire north-south span, fronting on both Reynolds Channel to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to south.

Neighborhoods in Long Beach, New York

  • Central District
  • North Park
  • The East End
  • The Canals
  • The President Streets
  • Kennedy Plaza
  • The Walks
  • The West End
  • Westholme

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