Southern Ontario Map - Peel

Create custom street maps in Montreal centred on your business, home or other key point of interest. Maps are developed from Lucidmap’s iconic Canadian street mapping cartography. Coverage includes Mississauga, Brampton and the Town of Caledon. Native scale is 1:25,000.

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Southern Ontario Map - Peel
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Detailed Map of Southern Ontario Cities & Towns

With a custom map of Southern Ontario towns, highlighting the Peel region, you can create many more maps with your desired area clearly marked. Maps are composed using Lucidmap’s iconic street mapping cartography and you can order it in your choicest finish that includes paper, lamination, matte plastic, and matte plastic with rails. You can even change orientation of the map and select a size for your map.

By searching for your desired place over the map, you can crop out and preview the final map that you want to print. This multi-scale map of Southern Ontario cities and towns helps you locate even the minute details including cities, towns, municipalities, roads, streets, bridges, highways, rivers, and other key points of interest, etc. Coverage includes Mississauga, Brampton and the Town of Caledon. Native scale is 1:25,000.

About the Regional Municipality of Peel

The Regional Municipality of Peel in Southern Ontario, Canada consists of three municipalities to the west and northwest of Toronto: the cities of Brampton and Mississauga, and the town of Caledon. The entire region is part of the Greater Toronto Area and the inner ring of Golden Horseshoe.

Population and Ethnicity

The Peel Region has a population of 1,296, 814, and serves as the 2nd largest municipality in Ontario after Toronto. As per the 2011 Census, around 50.61% of Peel's population speak English as mother tongue; whereas Punjabi is the mother tongue of 8.92% of the population, followed by Urdu (3.84%), Polish (2.68%), Portuguese (2.29%), Tagalog (2.24%), Italian (2.09%), Spanish (2.08%), Arabic (1.96%), and Hindi (1.50%).


Lucidmap Inc is a publisher offering mapping service in Toronto, Canada. It offers business solutions for small to large businesses: promotions, location-spotting, marketing, advertising, and offers wide range of mapping products from print to digital to online including street maps, road maps, wall maps, recreation maps, cycling maps, atlases, digital maps and smartphone applications.

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Optimal Print Scale - 1:25,000

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