Solano County Zip Code Map, California

This Zip Code Map of Solano County has been built with precision based on well-researched data. The map marks all the 5 digit Zip Code areas using red boundaries. Significant physical attributes like water bodies, forested areas, recreation parks are also clearly visible on the map. The map also highlights Municipal, Town, and Zip Code boundaries.

This map is available in a scale of 1:30,000 in 48 x 36 inches in landscape orientation. If you want a map with different extents, or landscape orientation, or scale, you can do that by customizing the map here. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer over the phone (866) 525-2298 or write to us

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Solano County Zip Code Map
Solano County Zip Code Map Solano County Zip Code Map, California Solano County Zip Code Map, California Solano County Zip Code Map, California

Transportation routes (I-80, I-505, SR-12, and more) interlinking the counties of the state of California, USA are marked in the map with color-coded markings. Major infrastructure like University (University of California, Davis), airports, police stations, postal districts, industrial complexes, hospitals, and border crossings are also identifiable.

About Solano County, California

Solano County is a county located in the U.S state of California. The county seat is Fairfield. Solano County comprises the Vallejo-Fairfield, California Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, California combined Statistical Area. Solano County is the northeastern county in the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area region.

Surrounding Counties near Solano County, California

  • North-Yolo County
  • West- Napa County, Sonoma County
  • East- Sacramento County
  • South- Contra Costa County

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