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The Map of Ohio depicting the urban layout is an instant favorite because of its warm colors and in-depth factual detailing. The map stands out for its usability, quality and comparative price valuation. State capital Columbus and many cities are marked with correctness in their true location.

Transportation network interlinking the entire state is drawn out elaborately throughout the map.

This map of Ohio also include multiple insets of major settlements like Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, Toledo and Youngstown. Each inset contains the latest street information and landmark locations.

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Details on the map

This urban political map of Ohio aims to broaden our knowledge about the state with visual learning. Well researched data makes this map perfect for general reference and display. In planimetric layout the map shows clear boundary demarcations, placement of state capital Columbus along with major cities and towns.

Significant terrain features like Lake Erie, Ohio River, glaciated till plains of Great Black Swamp, Allegheny plateau, and the Appalachian plateau and the highest peak Campbell Hill can be easily located on the frame. Transportation network is systematically laid out with specific numbering and color coded route charts. National parks, state parks, forest areas, natural spaces and recreational areas also form a part of the scheme.

Highlighted box markings of important settlements are depicted in insets. The city layout of Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Springfield, Toledo and Youngstown contain road information, points of interest, parks and historical sites. The map is also furnished with a tabular index of towns and cities, a county index and driving distance chart marked in miles, which helps estimate distance between places.

The topography is elaborated with specific terrain markings like Lake Erie, Ohio River, glaciated till plains of Great Black Swamp, Allegheny plateau, and the Appalachian plateau and the highest peak Campbell Hill.

This comprehensive map poster comes in high quality print with various finishing options. It is furnished with two detailed indices of towns /cities and county. A driving distance marker helps estimate distance between towns and cities marked on the map. The map face also provides the Country placement of Ohio along with digitized flags of the state.

  • Where is Ohio on the map

    The State of Ohio is located in the east north central region of the United States. Lake Erie and Michigan borders the state in the north and the northwest respectively. West Virginia can be placed on the southeast and Kentucky to the southwest. Pennsylvania shares the eastern border with Ohio while Indiana falls to the west.

  • Region Location on the map of Ohio

    According to the USCB the Ohio is located in the Midwest Region, In east north central part division 3. The other States under this region are Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.

  • Counties in Ohio

    The US State of Ohio is divided into 88 counties. Coshocton County is the largest in terms of land area whereas Franklin County is the largest in terms of population.

  • Time Zone in Ohio

    Ohio follows the Eastern Time Zone and observes the Eastern Standard Time (CST) which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Major cities of Ohio

The map feature includes multiple insets of major urban settlements of the state. Each frame is complete with the latest street information, waterways, rail routes and airports. Accurate locations of landmarks, notable architecture, historical sites, utility and civic centers are indicated with clarity. Parks and forest areas are easily recognizable in each frame with green patches and specified symbols elaborated in the legend.

  • Akron City Inset

    Akron is located in the Great lake Region on the glaciated Allegheny plateau. It is the seat of Summit County and the fifth largest city of the state. Notable architecture in the state include Akron Civic Theatre, Huntington Tower, University of Akron and Art Museum. Major parks in the city include Lock3, Firestone, Goodyear Heights and Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Airports and railroads can be placed on the inset with ease. Interstate 77,76, 71, 227 are the main freeways serving the city. The Akron Inner belt runs through the urban core of the city.

  • Canton City Inset

    Canton is the seat of Stark County and the 8th most populous city of Ohio.The City’s economy is mainly run by industrial and health sectors. Agriculture also contributes to a large extent. Points of interest indicated on the frame include Canton Museum of Art, Malone University, parks and recreational areas. The city is home to Pro Football Hall Of Fame and the birthplace of the National football league. Canton is connected to the rest of the state by Interstate 77 and US route 30, 62 and Ohio 43.

  • Cincinnati City Inset

    Cincinnati is located in the confluence of Licking River and Ohio River. It is the third largest city of Ohio and is the seat of Hamilton County. Metropolitan Cincinnati is the 28th largest economy of the nation and 7th largest in the Midwest region. Notable architecture of this city are Carew Tower, Scripps Center, Ingalls Building, Isaac. M Wise Temple, Queen City Square and Fountain Square. Natural spaces include Zoos, botanical gardens, parks and recreational areas. Cincinnati is served by interstate 71, 74,, 75. All US highways, State Highways and other roads are marked out with specific numbering for easy understanding.

  • Cleveland City Inset

    The Forest city of Cleveland is the second largest city of Ohio and the seat of Cuyahoga County. The city is located on the southern shore of Lake Erie. The city’s economy is ruled by manufacturing, health, education and financial sectors. Notable architecture of the city include Cuyahoga County Court House, Public Library, Auditorium, terminal Tower, Old Stone Church and St Theodosius Cathedral. Natural spaces indicated on the frame are Lakefront Reservation, Euclid Creek Reservation, Whiskey island, Wendy Park, Gordon Park and Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Interstate 71 and 77 connects the city to the rest of the state along with US highway 6, 20 and 90. All highways are specifically numbered and airports indicated.

  • Columbus City Inset

    The State capital Columbus is the most populous city of Ohio and the 14the most populous city of the nation. It is the principal city of Columbus, OH Metropolitan and Statistical Area and the seat of Franklin County. Notable buildings of the capital city are Ohio Judicial Center, Wexner Center, LeVeque Tower, Ohio Statehouse William McKinley Monument. Columbus Art Museum, Jack Nicklaus Museum, Ohio State University, Franklin Park, Ohio Village and the national veterans Memorial are other points of interest that can be found on the frame.

    Natural spaces include Metro Park, Big Darby Creek and Topiary Park. The street network is laid out in grid pattern. Interstate highway 70,71 and 270 serve the city along with US routes and State Highways.. Each route is numbered specifically and elaborated with colored thread margins. Airport locations and military installations are also indicated for clarity.

  • Dayton City Inset

    Dayton is the sixth largest city of Ohio and the seat of Montgomery County. A part of the city extends to Greene County. The Economy of Dayton is mostly run by the Services Sector which includes legal, insurance, health and Government. Points of interest include the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, National Museum of Air Force, Kettering Tower, and KeyBank Tower. Other attractions of historical parks, Sun watch Indian Village archeological site and Museum of Discovery.. Interstate 70, 75 and 675 mainly serve the city along with US rotes and state highways. Interstate highways, National Highways, state highways are numbered and their route laid out clearly for easy orientation Airport locations, administrative buildings, educational institutions and military installations are also indicated in the frame.

  • Springfield City Inset

    Springfield is the seat of Clark county and is the home to Wittenberg University which is a liberal arts college. Clark State Community College can also be placed on the inset. The Mad River flows past Springfield along with Buck Creek and Beaver Creek. Notable buildings include Clark County Courthouse and Clark County Heritage center. Airports, utilities. points of interests, historical sites, parks and recreational areas are other details that can be found easily on the inset. Zip code range of the city is 45501-45506.

  • Toledo City Inset

    Toledo is located at the western edge of Lake Erie in northwestern Ohio. It is nicknamed the “ Glass City '' as the first of many glass manufactures arrived there in 1880. Toledo is the seat of Lucas County and the fourth most populous city of Ohio. Points of interest in the city include the historical district of the Old West End, Zoo, National Museum of Great Lakes, Universities, Parks and recreational areas. Interstate 75, The Ohio turnpike, interstate 475and US 23 serve the city. Interstate highways, national highways state highways are numbered other primary and secondary roads, expressways, tollways and airports are also marked for quick reference.

  • Youngstown City Inset

    Youngstown is the 9th largest city of Ohio and the seat of Mahoning County. It is located on the banks of Mahoning River on the glaciated Allegheny Plateau. The City was named after John Young who was an early settler and the first to set up a sawmill in the city. Notable landmarks that can be placed on the frame are The Butler Institute of American Art, McDonough Museum, Youngstown Historical Center, Ohio Historical Society, Mill Creek Park, Rock Creek Park and Wick Park recreational area. Passenger rail and airports serve the city along with expressway 680 and US Route 422.

Index and Legend

The map is furnished with a tabular index of town and cities, a County index and a driving distance marker which help locate all primary and secondary towns on the map. The Legend elaborates symbolic data like national parks, State parks, military areas, highways, important roads, airports and other details of the title frame.

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