Map of California

This map of California offers a dramatic visualization of California's physical geography. Land cover colorization distinguishes forests and deserts. The map locates and names cities, towns, national and state parks, military bases, mountains, lakes, rivers, and other natural features.
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"The Golden State" has long been a popular designation for California.

More about the California state map

National Geographic's wall map of California offers a dramatic visualization of the Golden State's physical geography. This map looks beautiful with the use of warm colors and precise labelling. From the Sonoran and Mohave deserts, the fertile Central Valley, the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the Redwood Empire, the entire state is rendered in elegant detail. Stunning shaded relief depicts mountains and ocean depths, while vibrant colorization distinguishes forests, deserts, valleys, and other physical topography. The Pacific Crest Trail, a long-distance hiking and equestrian trail that runs through the entire state from the border with Mexico into Oregon, is shown as well. Land cover colorization distinguishes forests and deserts and stunning shaded relief depicts mountains and ocean depths.

Geographical features highlighted on the map include:

  • Mountain ranges & mountains (with peak elevations)
  • Prominent peaks
  • Islands & island airports
  • Major lakes, rivers & reservoirs
  • Airports & stations
  • Location of cities & towns
  • National & state parks
  • Military bases
  • Other natural features

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Size 35.25 x 42.25 inches
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