Map of Oregon

This map of Oregon offers a dramatic visualization of Oregon's physical geography. Land cover colorization distinguishes forests and deserts. Stunning shaded relief depicts mountains and ocean depths.
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Oregon is a land of beautiful scenery, timberlands, mountains, seacoasts, lakes, rivers, and some of the most fertile soil in the country. Because of its many wonders of nature, Oregon is often called the "Pacific Wonderland.

More about the Oregon Map US

This map published by Globe Turner is best suited for home or business, Oregon map is available for print in laminated, paper and matte plastic finishing options. Oregon's diverse terrain is shown on this detailed map that uses symbols, distinct texts and fonts to represent features of a specific area. It also assists in getting road directions and knowing the latest changes in the neighbouring area. Dark green usually represents low-lying land, with lighter shades of green that represents low elevation. Map is rendered accurately through a subdued color palate that highlights prominent features and uses shaded relief to denote land area. This state wall map contains thousands of place names and can be picked for easy reference.

Precise locations shown on the map are:

  • Cities & Towns
  • Major roadways and railways
  • Major airports and major waterways
  • State and federal highways
  • Federal and state protected lands
  • Mountain ranges, prominent peaks, marine sanctuaries
  • Major lakes, rivers and reservoirs
  • State and national parks
  • Points of interest and landmarks
  • Other geographic features

About National Geographic Maps

National Geographic has been making world's best maps and atlases for more than a century now. It has an exclusive collection of wall maps and digital maps including travel maps, trail maps, reference maps, country maps, region maps, national park maps, outdoor recreation maps and hiking maps. Inherent to National Geographic reference cartography, the state wall maps contain thousands of place names and precise locations of cities. Headquartered in Washington, DC and Evergreen, Colorado, National Geographic works with a collective mission of world exploration, research and development of cartographic services worldwide.
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Size 40.25 x 30 inches
Publisher Name National Geographic
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