Detailed Map of USA

With a vivid color palette, the map makes a perfect wall display for office spaces, educational institutions, and homes. You can buy this map in four different high-quality finishes on paper, laminated, matte plastic, and Canvas.

This detailed map of the USA with all the 50 states is a combination of political and physical features designed with cartographic excellence.

The terrain markings include mountain ranges, oceans, gulfs, and rivers. The states are demarcated with black boundaries and specific color-coding making it easier to read. National Parks, State Capitals and major cities can easily be found in bold fonts. The Interstate Highways with numbers are also quick to identify.

This map is available in 50 x 33 in. Please select a finish of your choice
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Details on the map

This is an antique style detailed map of USA showing its physical and political features. Defining water bodies and oceans are indicated with clarity in an ivory base color. State divisions are presented with contrasting color tones, which gives the map an attractive visual.

  • Locations on the map

    All the State Names, State & provincial capitals, major & smaller tows are marked with distinct dots and fonts.
  • Roads & Highways Map

    The map comes with a detailed network of Interstate Highways, US Highways & State Highways. The road lines are marked with highway numbers. All other major and limited access roads are also laid out distinctively. The interstate highway system is elaborated for easy travel and location reference.
  • Oceans & Lakes

    The map shows parts of the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of California & Gulf of Mexico to the south. The Great Lakes in the north are also distinctively visible in the same ivory color.
  • Neighboring Countries

    The map shows parts of southern border states of Canada from British Columbia to New Brunswick. The Candian State names along with their capitals and major cities are also marked. In the south, the map shows parts of Mexico, Cuba & the Bahamas.
  • Other Details

    Time zone boundaries & the Continental divide are marked for quick reference.
  • Map Insets

    The map also has three useful insets with one showing the location of the US on a Globe. The other two insets show detailed maps of Alaska & Hawaii.

Map Scale & Projection

The map is on a scale of 1:4,000,000. The map projection uses is the standard Albers Equal Area Conic Projection for geological correctness. This scaling system is also the standard scale used by the USGS and the US Census.

Ideas for using this map

  • Wall Art

    Ideal for poster displays in offices, Embassies, Business Centers, Schools & home library/study room. This United States Map is an elaborate layout for easy reference in any space. Its descriptive nature is clear and graspable which makes it apt for educational and reference use.
  • Travel Reference

    The map provides a clean design for travel lookouts. The elaborate road network makes this map an ideal tool for general reference planing long-distance road trips.
  • Map Gift

    Antique motif with a black hem gives it an edgy visual display turning information into wall art instantly. It not only makes an attractive exhibit but also has an appealing gift value. The Map is available in other schematic preferences in different colors.

Available size, formats & finishes

This large political Map of USA is available in 50 inches x 33 inches. You can choose different paper finishes to match personal requirements. The premium finishes available are paper, matte plastic, laminate & canvas.

Other USA Map Options

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SKU globeturner-GT006-LEG-USA-16-1
Map Scale 1:4,000,000
Flat Size 50 x 33 in
Publication Date 2016
Publisher Name Globe Turner
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