XYZ World Physical Map

Very high resolution detailed World mapping with a combination of physical colours showing the Earth before human influence and hill-shading. All the usual map features such as cities, roads, rivers, lakes, railways, airports and so forth. Updated in 2013. The Miller Cylindrical projection gives a good compromise between shape, scale and area.

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About the World Physical Map

This is a high-definition custom map published by XYZ Maps. The map majorly covers geographic regions - Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, North America and South America. Composed on an optimum print scale of 1:20,000,000, the map highlights stunning land topography, bright colours and extensive political detailing. Countries, capitals, cities and towns are highlighted with precision using symbols and readable fonts. The map shows earth before human influence and hill-shading.

How to make a custom map from this comprehensive world map?

  • Begin by searching for a place to centre on your map.

  • Select your size and orientation options.

  • Personalise it with your own title.

  • Then finish it by adjusting the map on your desired area.

  • Preview the final print of your map and order online.

Publisher: XYZ Maps

XYZ Maps makes amazing map products, mapping software, training and consultancy. The publishing company specialises in digital cartography, air photography, GIS software and training. From producing the Global Mapping range of world, continental and national wall maps, there are Sky-view poster range of air photos, a series of UK postcode maps, and the Maps on Demand services, XYZ Maps sells Postcode Maps, Postcode Data, and Customised World Maps. One can order custom maps for Maps on Demand, Website Maps, etc.

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Optimum Print Scale: 1:20,000,000

Publisher Name XYZ Maps
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