Southern Ontario Map - Niagara

Create custom street maps in Southern Ontario centred on your business, home or other key point of interest. Maps are developed from Lucidmap’s iconic Canadian street mapping cartography. Coverage is bounded on the north by Lake Ontario and the south by Lake Erie, and includes both the Canadian and American cities of Niagara Falls. The western limit of the map includes Beansville, ON, Fenwick, ON and the City of Port Colborne, ON. The eastern limit includes Ransomville, NY, Bergholz, NY and Black Rock, NY. Native scale is 1:25,000.

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Southern Ontario Map - Niagara
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About Niagara region

The Regional Municipality of Niagara situated in Southern Ontario, Canada, lies on the west side of the Niagara River, between lakes Ontario and Erie. The Canadian section of Niagara Falls, including the dramatic Horseshoe Falls, is its most famous feature. Dozens of wineries along the north's Wine Route offer tours and tastings featuring ice-wine as the local specialty.

About the custom map

This is a detailed map of Southern Ontario region, showing the Niagara municipality. The map uses multiple scale specifications including the Maximum Print Scale - 1:12,500, Minimum Print Scale - 1:37,000, and Optimal Print Scale - 1:25,000.

You can search for desired places in the search option, locate it on the map and crop. You can preview the final product by clicking on the preview button to see the map details and order online. By choosing a desired material of finish that includes lamination, matte plastic, matte plastic with rails and lamination, you can give it your own title, size, and orientation.

The map highlights all the major cities and towns of the southern Ontario region including Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Cambridge, Waterloo, London, etc. Southern Ontario is the primary region of the province of Ontario, Canada, the other primary region being Northern Ontario. The core area of Southern Ontario is part of the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor, which extends northeast into southern Quebec. The transitional northern area of this primary region extends north to the Mattawa River and occupies part of the Greenville Geological Province of the Canadian Shield which also extends northeast into southern Quebec; most of Northern Ontario lies within the Superior Geological Province.

About Publisher:Lucidmap

Publishing company Lucidmap is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The publishing house works with a team of some of the best cartographers, graphic designers and GIS specialists in the industry. Besides, Lucidmap Inc is known as Canada’s leading cartographic solutions provider that currently holds the largest Canadian market share of printed map products, with hundreds of atlas and fold map titles.

By offering custom cartographic and GIS care to domains like public transit, real estate, tourism, municipal, corporate, small business, enterprise and government clients, the company has grown to a position of developing a large number of corporate clients.

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Map Specification

Maximum Print Scale - 1:12,500

Minimum Print Scale - 1:37,000

Optimal Print Scale - 1:25,000

Publisher Name Lucidmap
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