Indianapolis IN Zip Code Map

Purchase this high-quality Indianapolis Zip code map that features extensive geographic details like interstate and state highways, street names, cities, and towns with boundaries. The detailed information on this map is helpful in various business and organizational functions including service delivery, retail siting, and sales region planning. You can buy this map in a variety of finishing materials including paper, matte plastic, and lamination.

This map is available in a scale of 1:50,000 in 36 x 48 inches in portrait orientation. If you want a map with different extents, or landscape orientation, or scale, you can do that by customizing the map here. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer over the phone (866) 525-2298 or write to us

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Indianapolis Zip Code Map

This customizable Indianapolis area zip code map features extensive geographic details like interstate and state highways; streets and street names at detailed scales; cities and towns; and, counties and state names with boundaries. You can find all Zip code areas clearly marked on this map. The map legend featured in the bottom is also helpful while referring to the signs and symbols used throughout the map.

You can shop for this high-quality map in your choice of size, orientation, and finishing material from paper, canvas, and lamination.

How to customize this map?

We also have a high-quality customizable map of the city that can be centered around any area of your choice. You can locate your business services area, sales territory or your neighborhood on this map and use the zoom buttons and drag arrows to define the print area. The zoom-in option will allow you to get a closer look at the city while the zoom out option will let you get a print of the entire neighborhood. Once you are done customizing, you can also add a title and select a size, orientation, and finishing material of your choice.

View our custom map of Indianapolis here.

How to use this Indianapolis Zip code map?

Apart from your specific requirements, you can also use this map for tracking down delivery service areas, sales territories, and catchment areas. Many of our clients have also used our Zip Code maps for direct mail marketing services. You can even hang this on the walls of your home or office.

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More Information About Indianapolis

Indianapolis is the capital and most populous city of Indiana and the seat of Marion County. The consolidated population of Indianapolis and Marion County is 876,862. It is located in the East North Central region of the Midwestern United States, in central Indiana.

The city is situated within the Tipton Till Plain, a flat to gently sloping terrain underlain by glacial deposits known as till. It lies just north of the Indiana Uplands, a region characterized by rolling hills and high limestone content.

What are the Zip codes of Indianapolis?

There are in total of 61 Zip codes in the city. These range from 46201 to 46209, 46211, 46214, 46216 to 46231, 46234 to 46237, 46239 to 46242, 46244, 46247, 46249 to 46251, 46253 to 46256, 46259 to 46260, 46266, 46268, 46274 to 46275, 46277 to 46278, 46280, 46282 to 46283, 46285, 46290 to 46291, 46295 to 46296, and 46298.

These codes were introduced by the USPS in 1963 with an aim to improve the mail delivery system. Today, they are used for planning deliveries, monitoring statistics, direct mail marketing, internet routing, and credit card security.

Neighborhoods in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is divided into 99 community areas for statistical purposes but its neighborhoods are often difficult to define because the city lacks historical ethnic divisions. Most neighborhoods are subtle in their distinctions and are recognized as historic districts that include Central Court, Chatham Arch, Golden Hill, Herron-Morton Place, Lockerbie Square, Old Northside, Old Southside, and Oliver Johnson's Woods.

The development of these neighborhoods were impacted by post–World War II economic expansion and subsequent suburbanization. Most construction happened outside Center Township, expediting out-migration from the city's urban neighborhoods to suburban areas.

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