Hawaii Map - Published 1983

This Map of Hawaii was published in November 1983 as a part of the “Making of America” series. The map represents half of a two-set map with illustrations and information on historical events in various locations. Designed in gradient tones, it creates a stunning imagery, perfect for display.

The map extent covers the archipelago of eight major islands along with islets, reefs, and ridge. Major islands are captioned along with towns and cities of that area. The map encompasses the history of Hawaii starting from the first human settlement and the first European arrival till the Annexation.

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Details on the Map

This tropical country is known for its white-sand beaches, majestic mountains, bustling city life and confluence of culture. The “aloha spirit” is graphically represented in this map of Hawaii published in November 1983 as a part of the “Making of America” series. It is one of the most attractive representations with illustrations of historical events in various locations.

Designed in gradient tones the map is only half of a two map set. Hawaii is the only US state surrounded completely by water and is entirely an archipelago. The main eight islands and the state capital Honolulu are marked with prominence. Terrain features are depicted with shaded relief and elevation. The inset includes the entire chain of islands stretching across the central Pacific.

  • Where is Hawaii on the map?

    The State of Hawaii is the only island state of the US located in the central Pacific Ocean. The map encompasses the eight main islands located in Polynesians subregion of Oceania. The Islands of Maui, Hawai’i, Molokai, Oahu, Kauai, Niihau, Lanai, and Kahoolawe can be easily placed on the map. Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii, is located on the island of Oahu.
  • Region Location on Hawaii Map

    According to the USCB, the State of Hawaii falls under the west Region in Division 9. The other states under the Pacific divisions are California, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.
  • Counties in Hawaii

    Hawaii is divided into 5 counties. These are Hawai’i, Honolulu, Kalawao, Kauai, and Maui.
  • Time Zone of Hawaii

    Hawaii follows the Hawaii-Aleutian standard time (HST) and during daylight saving time it follows the Hawaii Daylight time (HDT).
  • ZIP Code of Hawaii

    The Range of Zip codes in Hawaii State is from 96701-96898. Zip code range of major cities includes: Honolulu is 96801-96850, Hilo 96720-21 and Pearl City is 96782.
  • Map Prints

    The map is available in high-quality print in four different finishes which include Paper, Matte Plastic, Laminated, and Canvas.
  • Historical Illustrations of Islands

    The map sketches the history of Hawaii, from the first human settlement and first European arrival till the Annexation. Each island is marked with illustrations of these historical happenings in their true location.
    • Historic Locations of Hawai’i

      The island was first discovered by explorers of the Polynesian region. The earliest settlement dates back 1500 years ago.
      • Kealakekua Bay:This infamous bay is the spot where European voyager, Captain James Cook, was killed in a battle against Hawaiian natives
      • Kapaau:The various chiefdoms of the island were unified by Kamehameha who ruled as king until 1804. A statue was erected in his honor in the town of Kapaau
      • Kailua-Kona:This is the first Christian Church “Mokuaikaua” in Kailua-Kona has been around since 1820
      • North Kohala:This site was built by King Kamehameha to unify the different chiefdoms of the island.
    • Historic Locations of Oahu

      Oahu was the home to Hawaiian monarchy and was the first of the islands to be sighted during Captain James Cook's third Pacific expedition in 1778.
      • Nuuanu Pali:This was the sight of the battle of “Nuuanu” where Kamehameha defeated the Oahu forces.
      • Downtown Honolulu:The “Iolani Palace” in Honolulu was the official residence of the Hawaiian Monarch and his sister successor Queen Liliuokalani.
      • Pearl Harbor:The Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941, by the Japanese bringing the United States into World War II.
    • Historic Location of Kauai

      The first settlers of Kauai are believed to be Marquesan. It is the only island that was not conquered by King Kamehameha
      • Waimea:Captain James Cook landed in Waimea, on the west shore of Kauai in January 1778.
      • Kapa:The Makee Sugar Company opened the first sugar plantation in Kapa in 1877.
      • Princeville:The area was named in honor of the visit of Prince Kamehameha in 1860
      • Lihue:The Royal Governor Kaikiowa officially made Lihue his governing seat in 1837, moving it from Waimea.
    • History of Niihau

      Elizabeth Mc Hutchison, a Scottish homemaker, and farmer purchased Niihau from Kamehameha V in 1864. The island is now owned by Bruce Robinson and Keith Robinson. Niihau played a small role during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, which is today known as the “ Niihau Incident”.
    • Historic Locations of Lanai

      The first inhabitant of Lanai was a man named Kauluaau who was banished to the island by his father, the chief of Maui, in the 1500s. The next big change in the history of Lanai came in 1922 when a man named James Dole purchased the entire island.
      • Kaunolu:The stone remains of the royal house of King Kamehameha can be seen here.
      • Keomoku:Keomoku was the headquarters of sugar plantation from 1899 to 1901.
    • Historic Locations of Molokai

      The first Europeans who set foot in Molokai were led by Captain George Dixon in the year 1786.
      • Kaluaaha:The first permanent missionary was established in 1832, in Kaluaaha.
      • Kalaupapa:Father Damien, a catholic priest, who came from Belgium in1873, started a leprosy mission for patients who were exiled.
      • Kaunakakai:The Church Row in Kaunakakai was made of seven churches, built in the 19th century.
    • Historic Locations of Kahoolawe

      Archeological evidence suggests that Hawaiians came to Kahoolawe as early as 400 A.D.
      • Kaulana Bay:Offenders were sent to a penal colony on Kahoolawe for various crimes as early as 1832. The headquarters for the penal colony was located at Kaulana Bay.
  • Inset

    The inset includes the entire chain of Hawaiian islands, stretching nearly 3000 miles across the central Pacific.
  • Display

    This Hawaii map can be an interesting present for travel lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and map collectors. The appealing imagery and historical illustrations make this map unique and perfect for display in homes, offices, hotels, and libraries.
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